The best cover letter ever created

Getting work experience during your uni days is pretty important, a fact that has become scarily real for me. In my PR Planning lecture, the lecturer asked how many of us had done work experience, and I was one of about a handful of people who hadn’t. It was an embarrassing eye opener that pushed me into overdrive, looking for unpaid positions, volunteering, anything that would allow me to gain some experience in my chosen majors of PR and marketing. Read more

Pocket Money Please?

… week 3.
What have I learnt in my first three weeks at the lovely QUT? … I am destined to be poor and lost. But thankfully I will have a design degree under my belt so I will be able to design nifty ‘will draw for food’ signs.

But seriously… I’ve never been particularly wealthy – for the usual reasons of food, shoes, stationery and books, but now that uni has started I have noticed a marked change in the weight of my wallet and the girth of my account. And I haven’t even bought shoes or books for months!

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Week One Lectures: Why did I bother? Feat. Catme

Think back to those sweet memories of your perfect summer holiday; those trips to the beach; your unforgettable overseas adventures; the impossible weekday benders; the four months of time to do whatever hell you wanted… And quietly come to the realisation that those days are now over. Ha ha hah.

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