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Welcome back fellow brethren in academia/congratulations on accepting your offer to QUT.  I hope you all made the most of your holidays, I know I did! Apart from getting my tonsils taken out, that was the definition of not fun at all.  This was me in the hospital.

Bed goes up, bed goes down

Getting an optimal timetable is one of the most important things you have to do.  It determines whether you can have a sleep-in or whether you have to be packed onto a train with a million other office workers in order to make your 8am tute. Note to self: NEVER ENROL INTO AN 8AM TUTE EVER AGAIN.  This is a little list of helpful hints that I wish I could have figured out earlier in my first year of uni.

1.  Check your Course Structure and Course Checklist.  These resources will provide you with a guide on what to enrol into in which semester.  Remember, these are just a guide, so you can really enrol into any subject you want. BUT it is the suggested and recommended structure, so in your first year or first semester at least, I’d strongly recommend following it.

2.  Enrol into your units.  This step is pretty simple.  Go to your Study Plan which is found in the Study tab of QUT Virtual.

3.  Make a draft of your timetable.   You can do this by going into QUT Virtual, then clicking the Study tab, then ‘preview class options for my enrolled units’.  This page will show you a list of proposed times for lectures and tutes in the units you’ve enrolled in.  BE WARNED! All options may not be available on the day of class registration, so have back-up options in case you can’t pick your #1 option.  Remember to plan around any work or other commitments you may have.

4.  Check what date and time class registration opens. Class registrations open at a different time and date depending on what degree you’re doing.  Double degrees are lucky as their class registration is generally a day or two before single degree counterparts.  Make a note of the time in your phone or diary so you remember!

5.  Register into your classes.  I generally start checking the registration page 15 minutes before it’s due to open, as it sometimes opens a few minutes before its official time.  Note: all times on the registration page are in 24 hour time.  Don’t be like me and have a brain malfunction on the day and start freaking out “WHAT THE HECK IS 17 O’CLOCK?!”.

I wish you luck during the madness that is class registration. May the forces of fast internet and quick clicking be with you.

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    Hayley Vale

    I haven’t been able to enrol or register for any classes 🙁 Currently living with the sad realisation that I shall be stuck with the dodgy times haha

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      Oh no, sorry to hear that Hayley! I hope you can get it all sorted out soon. Contact your faculty if you need extra help with enrolling. In the first 2 weeks people generally drop out of the unit or swap classes, so if you find yourself stuck in a class at a bad time, you could try asking the lecturer/unit co-ordinator if you can swap into any classes that have spots available. Not sure if they’ll let you do it, but there’s no harm in asking 🙂 Good luck!

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        Can you help me? I’m unable to find the ‘preview class options for my enrolled units’ section in the QUT Virtual.

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          Hi Benedict,

          Class registrations have opened for this year, so you should be able to view which class times are available when you go to enrol in each unit.

          We suggest getting in touch with the faculty office your course sits under if you are still having difficulty finding out what class times are available to you. Contact details can be found here: https://www.qut.edu.au/about/contact/groups/faculty-contacts-for-course-and-enrolment-advice

          Kind regards,
          The QUT Social Media Team

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    Can I do my course registration once I arrive in Brisbane, on the 11th of FEB ?

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    Arrgghhh I wish i read this before I registered for my classes!! I currently have my Mondays starting with an 8:30am tut….oh great…..i really didn’t think it thorough enough….oh well….the positive side is that its only for 12 weeks ;D and not a whole year!!! Great blog entry by the way!!

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      Hey Claudia, I love your attitude! It’s only for a semester, and if you end up dreading the early morning class as the weeks roll by, you’ll be prepared to get a better timetable next semester 🙂 Good luck with your studies!

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    I just came from a holiday trip and have been hearing about a social network “rephraz.com” created by QUT students to connect students share their interest, information, and goals with students from QUT and from other universities.

    I reckon it’s pretty awesome something like that coming from QUT. now i can tell my friends that’s one of the reason why they should come to QUT. LOL

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    Two of my chosen units aren’t available for me to register for when I click on the Register For Classes button! Why is this? It says on the Class Registration Overview page that I’m not registered for those classes but it doesn’t give me the option TO register for them! I’m scared the class times that I want won’t be available! I called QUT for help but got an answering machine. Can you please help me?

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    Hi there,
    I was wondering when enrolling do I only enroll into the one semesters units or the entire years units ?

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