Back to School

Well, well, well.  We’re back again; back for another year of procrastinating and Officeworks day trips. I can’t say I am entirely glad to have finished holidaying but I am glad for some form of structure, even if it is still up-in-the-air until registration is opened and… (Dramatic music) shut. The registration of classes at UNI is a fabled experience; a story told from sibling to sibling, teacher to student, stranger to unsuspecting stranger. It is the stuff of horrifying myth. Where thousands upon thousands of people, young, not-so-young and mysteriously-ageless students gather in one place and battle for their seat from which they will fight for their future.
Some may triumph. Some may fail. Some may not really care and just choose whichever class is left empty and do all their study online.  But aside from those few who are blessed with little anxiety and sturdy stress levels, tensions are running excessively high amongst the students of Australia.

I have begun a training regime for the event. Practising at clicking various links as fast as possible, becoming best friends with my Refresh button and familiarising myself with the brown paper bag I have ready for the day.

I don’t really have any tips for fellow students, other than perhaps get a paper bag ready and pre-plan your desired timetable but also create a backup… or two. I don’t have advice on working out the UNI website because I am still lost somewhere under the Study tab and I’ve had a year of experience with the website. Don’t get me wrong, the website has everything, if not more, that you need in it, and I have heard we are one of the luckiest when it comes to design and layout of our website, but technologically challenged people like myself lose ourselves amongst the little blue links by default.

The only real message I have to say in this post is a giant, and heartfelt GOOD LUCK with class registration and organising your future semester. O WEEK will make your troubles worthwhile, a toga will soothe those clanging nerves and a hit of coffee from one of the many sources sprinkled about the campuses will find you pumped for the New Year.

I hope everyone had a magnificent Christmas and your start to 2013 has been glorious.

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