Quick Guide to Enrolling and Class Registration

Welcome back fellow brethren in academia/congratulations on accepting your offer to QUT.  I hope you all made the most of your holidays, I know I did! Apart from getting my tonsils taken out, that was the definition of not fun at all.  This was me in the hospital.

Bed goes up, bed goes down

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Back to School

Well, well, well.  We’re back again; back for another year of procrastinating and Officeworks day trips. I can’t say I am entirely glad to have finished holidaying but I am glad for some form of structure, even if it is still up-in-the-air until registration is opened and… (Dramatic music) shut. The registration of classes at UNI is a fabled experience; a story told from sibling to sibling, teacher to student, stranger to unsuspecting stranger. It is the stuff of horrifying myth. Where thousands upon thousands of people, young, not-so-young and mysteriously-ageless students gather in one place and battle for their seat from which they will fight for their future. Read more