School’s (not) out for summer…?

G’day all,

I hope everyone survived Semester Two without irrevocable damage. I am pleased to say I did. Last exam was 15th November – so ready and raring for some chillaxing and summer fun? No. Not really.

Alas, summer school commenced a mere four days later. No rest for the wicked mental stupid impatient eager to finish their degree!

I’ve enrolled into what is anticipated to be the most exhilarating semester of my degree thus far; cramming Accounting and Data Analysis into one fun-filled, laugh-a-minute, math-a-thon of hell.

I’ve avoided it for as long as could. My final two core subjects lay before me, and I am bravely stepping into the abyss of numbers, balance sheets, population parameters, and hypothesis testing something something something…. I’m distracted by something more appealing already…the flashing light on my computer modem. Ooooh, it’s going to be fun!

But I must swap my default position of defensive sarcasm to mask my intimidation from these subjects for something more open, willing, and… awake if I’m going to get through it.

Those who have read my previous blogs, know that Data Analysis is essentially my academic nemesis. It has delayed my progress, pillaged my GPA, and made me cry. The big meanie.

I knew the day would come when I had to face it in order to complete my degree, so I’m arming myself with peer support, maths refresher classes, extra tutorials, on-line support, Facebook groups, and asking my data-loving boyfriend to (for the love of God) help! This time Data Analysis…this time, I will prevail. All I’m asking for is 50%, seriously.

So, self-involved dummy tangent aside, Summer school, hey. Yeah.  I am attempting to fast-track my studies as much as possible by doing Summer School.

Whilst it’s more expensive (and don’t ask me why – all the services seem to disappear over summer (meow), but “keep it for the feedback form, woman” – I know), there are also many advantages, including:

  • The classes are smaller, which makes for an improved learning experience, in my opinion
  • Lecturers have more time for consultation due to the lower enrolment numbers
  • There are two classes for each subject per week, which condenses the material, and I think it is great for maintaining momentum
  • You get through your degree quicker (if you don’t fail, like me)
  • You can always get a computer in the library!
  • You can use it as an excuse to get out of annoying festive season family commitments 😉

If you’re looking for a way to get through your studies quicker, Summer School could be an option.

I did two subjects over summer last year, and really enjoyed the faster pace of learning, and because it was only two subjects, I was able to apply myself, and did really well in both subjects. So I’m hoping for the same outcome this summer – Wish me luck!

Hopefully my next blog will be reporting on successful domination of maths by one Monique!

In the meantime, Happy Summer – Stay safe, and have a ball!

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    Thanks for your comment Darryl. I’ve been in contact with the MAC – hopefully they will help. Thank you!

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