Pre-Mature-Holiday-Mode Syndrome

A ground-breaking health discovery made by accounting/journalism student with absolutely no medical qualifications (It exists because I say it exists).

Summer Holiday

Noun/Divine Right.
1. A three month break where life is rainbows and smiles and everything is fine and nothing hurts (unless you’re taking summer classes. Kudos to you, dignified heroes of the learned community).
2. Your happy place.

103 DAYS. That’s approximately three months and two weeks of pure, unadulterated bliss; free of academic obligation.

I can bake 3,708 cakes; make 40 trips to my favourite Mexican restaurant; afford to be hungover, whenever; watch the Harry Potter films 137 times over; volunteer at a food drive; voyage interstate; learn how to unicycle; play drunken karaoke alone in my room on weekdays; cross stitch all the pictures of cats I want – the possibilities are endless (yes, I didn’t include work but let’s not ruin the moment).

I am trying very hard not to throw my laptop across the room in excitement.

Seriously, I walk around the house and the feeling hits me out of nowhere. I literally lose control of my limbs and end up throwing or punching something just to let it out. Is that normal? Don’t answer that.

Everything between now and the weekend is just an irrelevant blur.  I have succumb to what I like to call “Pre-Mature-Holiday-Mode Syndrome”.

Unfortunately, my current mindset is a bit of a problem seeing as I still have an exam tomorrow which counts for more than half of my final grade. “Lol”.

The fact that I’m writing a blog post right now really highlights my poor judgment, my inability to prioritise, and – hmm, I don’t know – that I’m an idiot.

If you’re feeling like I am at the moment and need that extra kick of motivation for your final assessments, take a long hard look at your aggregated school fees for the semester because I just did, and boy did that hurt.

All the best for your last round of exams and to those who have already finished, I hate you.

Always kidding.


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