Old at Heart

Despite hopping on board with this blogging shebang, I’ve realised a brutally ironic truth: the internet vexes my mind. Between trying to post, start new websites and remember stupid passwords every time QUT changes them (notably: “igotaigotapocketfullofsunshine,”) I’ve managed to work out that the 21st Century is not for me, and more importantly, I’m actually an old man in the body of a (ridiculously good looking) teenager. Here’s why:

  1. Drinking flat whites, a coffee which by its very definition is boring.
  2. Not being able to use technology.
  3. Wearing old man clothes (baggy jumpers, beanies, boat shoes.)
  4. Watching “Grand Designs.”
  5. Drinking scotch.
  6. Organising my weekly plans around trivia/bingo nights at Archive Bar.
  7. Complaining about my various aching joints.
  8. Shaking my head at the antics of “kids these days,” including an adoptive brother who is less than a year younger than me.

So there it is: conclusive proof that I am a geriatric in disguise. But, also, it’s an opportunity for me to plug my other blog, which is where I’ll talk about non-uni stuff: e.g, seeing Florence and the Machine the other night. And touching her hand. Literally the second coming of Christ.

Peace out.

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    Prognosis: hipster.

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