It’s You.

It’s that time of year when regular faces leave and the ones left behind begin to smile once again. The weather brightens, the exams results are posted and the graduation caps don excited heads.
End of Year.
I have exactly 5 days until i graduate from High School. 5 days. 5 DAYS!!
For the past year everything has been coined as the ‘last’ so-and-so, the ‘last’ this-and-that. And now, i can officially say, this is my last weekend as a school student. This is the last document i will write on my school-issued laptop. This is the very last time i can call myself a school student (not that i’m complaining).
And there are thousands of students in the same boat. Not only graduates from high school but those graduating from their last bout of education EVER!
We are leaving behind everything we know and love for the ‘big-wide-world’, which we are constantly reminded is full of troubles and ups and downs, and we are taking our first steps into true, undeniable, adventure.
It will be sad to leave behind friends, sad to leave behind routines and comfort zones but ladies and gents, this is it; the adventure you have been waiting for your entire life.
You have studied for 90% of your life for this moment.
You have sacrificed countless nights in order to complete assignments that lead you, to this, single moment.
You have laughed, danced, smiled, sung, cried, yelled and squealed your way to this moment and from here on, you can go no where but up.
When you walk across that stage… or wherever you will be walking… and you put on your school hat or graduation cap for the first, or last time, remember, it was you who got you here. It was you who put in the hard yards. It was you who made that effort, made that decision, made that mistake and fixed it. It was you who took that step, that got you to this moment and it is you who will propel yourself higher because it is you who has studied how to do that for 90% of your life. You’ve got this.

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    Just finished a Gap year, this made me a little nostalgic! I’ll be sure to remember that whole “it was me” thing once I graduate from QUT in 5 years from next year 😀

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    Congratulations Amelia!! Juggling uni subjects and the end of high school can’t have been an easy task. Enjoy your graduation!! 🙂

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      Thank you!!!! Graduation was AMAZING 😀

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