School’s (not) out for summer…?

G’day all,

I hope everyone survived Semester Two without irrevocable damage. I am pleased to say I did. Last exam was 15th November – so ready and raring for some chillaxing and summer fun? No. Not really.

Alas, summer school commenced a mere four days later. No rest for the wicked mental stupid impatient eager to finish their degree!

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Old at Heart

Despite hopping on board with this blogging shebang, I’ve realised a brutally ironic truth: the internet vexes my mind. Between trying to post, start new websites and remember stupid passwords every time QUT changes them (notably: “igotaigotapocketfullofsunshine,”) I’ve managed to work out that the 21st Century is not for me, and more importantly, I’m actually an old man in the body of a (ridiculously good looking) teenager. Here’s why: Read more

The various stages of preparing (to study) for an upcoming exam

1. The “Plenty of Time” Stage (also known as false security): This is when you first hear about the exam. 95% of the time students are given plenty of warning about its approach, and respond accordingly. “Wow, that’s ages away, why are they telling us about it now?” Chances are they’re telling you about the exam for a good reason. I generally find the earlier I’m told about an exam, the more time I should set aside for study.

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