It’s week 13 ….again?

So it’s that time of semester again: that time where emotions run high and motivation runs low. For that matter, it’s that time of year too: week 13 of semester 2 invites the exciting prospects of summer and a whole few months free of uni. Yes, there is much to look forward to. But, and I don’t know if this is just me, does it seem too soon for this already? For me, it seems like only a few weeks ago I was bidding a fond (cough, cough) farewell to, shall I say, “certain” units, “thrilled” at the opportunity next semester would bring. It doesn’t seem like a whole semester has passed since these emotional partings. And it certainly doesn’t feel as though I’ve had an entire semester’s worth of knowledge bestowed upon me. Yet, here we are. Hence arises the anxiety that is week 13.

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Plans for 2013

My year officially finishes on 1 November, because that’s when the last of my 50% assignments are due (no exams, yay).  Yes, my sanity may be declining since I have four 50% assignments to do AT THE SAME TIME, but realising just how close Christmas and New Year’s Eve are, it’s giving me motivation to….well, get motivated.  And thus I have created an action plan for 2013, my 3rd and penultimate year of uni, filled with things I’m going to try and do.

Because this is much more productive than actually doing my assignments.

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European survival guide

I’ve not posted a blog for four months, and amidst constant rumblings of discontent from Leanne (I’m just kidding Leanne – you’re great), I thought I’d pen another.

In fairness, access to computers has been at an absolute premium up until recently. I just spent two and a half months traversing Europe with a mate of mine, which needless to say was amazing. Our travels took in fifteen countries, twenty-something different hostels, too much alcohol, and probably not quite enough culture. I ran with the bulls at the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, went to Benicassim music festival in Spain, and visited Dachau Concentration Camp in Munich.

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There’s no such thing as balance.

Today I am sitting in my office, distracted by a pile of washing that needs to be put away. I’m getting itchy thinking about the pile of dishes at my sink. My guilt over the slow burn my neglected herbs are enduring through lack of water this morning is niggling. I really should do some ironing. My partner will be faithfully making me dinner tonight because I get home from uni at 9pm. Don’t even get me started on that pile of photos that I said I’d sort into albums at the beginning of the year (that one just gave away I was born pre-1990, didn’t it…).

As I mull over all the synonyms of lazy, useless, failing housewife I can use to whip myself with, I turn my stressed thoughts to my other commitment; uni, and realise I am not guilty about anything with that right now – possibly for the first time in my two years of university. Well, aint that somethin’?!

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