Don’t worry they said, things could be worse they said

I thought by now I would be used to two night lectures and two 8am starts. Turns out I was horribly wrong. Now before you start telling me I should have gotten in earlier when the lecture times came out – I didn’t have the luxury of choice. Our course is small enough to only have one lecture per unit, meaning you’re given the lecture times. It’s a mystery as to who exactly organises the timetables, with our lecturers simply calling them ‘those people’.

While I’m sure whoever made our…interesting timetable tried their best to give us the best possible times, I can’t help but feel like we were given the timetable scraps that no one else wanted. Maybe it’s because we’re creative writers? One of my tutors offered a more creative explanation that went something like this: “It was as though someone blindly threw darts, praying they would land somewhere on the board”. I think I like this theory the most. A late night class then an early morning lecture? The coffee for staying awake for the night  has only just worn off before I have to get another just to keep my eyes open for the 8am start. My friend and I have joked about sleeping overnight on campus, and it’s kind of tempting at this point.

How is everyone else going with getting back into uni (and how are you surviving)? What are your timetables like? Anyone wishing for an earlier night, or perhaps a longer sleep in? If you’ve had any issues like me – it’s probably both.

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    It happens to all of us. I have a 5 hour break on Tuesday, a 9-11am lecture and then a 4-7pm lecture. Just enough time to get home for an hour or two and then head back in! The timetable wizards are hopeless.

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    tired student

    Yeah, well I just casually teleport home after my 9pm finish, wind down, eat dinner and go to bed for 8 hours before I get up, get ready and teleport back in for my 8am start…

    I will forever wonder the following 2 things: (1) Don’t those people doing the timetables get that a lot of us have a 2-3 hour commute? (2) Do they lock up all the classrooms and keep them empty between the hours of 10am and 4pm?

    Issue nicely raised Amy!

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      Thanks 🙂
      I reckon a lot of students wish they could teleport home after a 9pm finish (including myself :P) Fingers crossed our timetables will look better next year.

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    Lachlan Ransome

    I’ll say one thing, I’ve been through much worse and that ended with a less then desirable outcome. I spent half a semester waking up at 4am (it was a long commute) to get to uni by 8am, there till 4pm commuting back to work till 12:30am getting home at 1am, then (you guessed it) waking up at 4am again and working till midnight again. This happened 4 days a week (Wednesdays and weekends I worked 9 hours a day minimum) for 6 weeks straight. This ended with me falling asleep whilst shopping in Queens street mall dislocating my shoulder when I hit the ground and had my first (and hopefully last) Grand mal seizure. I failed 3/4 subjects that semester (I did earn a lot of money however). My point is its better to pass less subjects then to fail more, don’t push yourself past breaking point where ever that may be for you. My only regret is that I let my self fall asleep =D

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      Waking up at 4 am after getting home at 1 am?! How did you keep yourself awake during your lectures/tutorials, and then at work too? I would have been well past breaking point if I was in your situation. I hope all your future timetables look a lot better since you’ve endured the worst one I’ve heard of.

      All the best with this semester, and thanks for the advice 🙂

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    I’m in my last semester of my Justice degree and somehow four two-three hour ‘lectorials’ have been spread out over as many days. Living as far out as I do, at best I spend as much time on public transport as I do at university, if not more. It’s timetables like this that destroy motivation levels. Sure I could stay at home and listen to the lectures but the debt I’m accruing should be enough reason to justify my belief that my funds be used to employ tutors so I can engage face to face with educational professionals.

    In a degree that has at most 100 students in our final year, and little subjects to choose from I would assume they could have aranged class times better.

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      Wow, that’s really intense! :S It’s a shame they couldn’t put some of the ‘lectorials’ on the same day. I wish they’d do that for my timetable. It’s just a little annoying that the lectures have been spread out over four days at awkward times. I’m still grateful I’ve got one day free, so I suppose things could be worse.

      Hang in there, you’re in your last semester. All those hours spent traveling will pay off (although I can understand how you feel right now). Best of luck!

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        amy are u student in QUT?

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    Sleep overnight, we used to always talk about it, just make sure you bring a toothbrush

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    Neal Rawson

    Wow, that really sucks! I’m in the business faculty and because its so large, we tend to get a better pick of class times. Only problem is that once registration opens for class times, its survival of who ever had the better Internet connection.

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    Sebastian Sinclair

    My only advice would be to skip those untimely lectures, enjoy a good nights rest and wake up fresh for your tutorials. You should be able to access the slides online and often times I’ve found this to be a god-send. I remember last year when I was finishing off my degree with a creative writing minor and the time- tablers would always stick us with the weirdest and most lucrative times.

    Best of luck though 🙂

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    hi hows you doing.
    i wanna know hows the IT of this uni. i got offer in Masters in IT. will anybody please tell me?

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