Don’t worry they said, things could be worse they said

I thought by now I would be used to two night lectures and two 8am starts. Turns out I was horribly wrong. Now before you start telling me I should have gotten in earlier when the lecture times came out – I didn’t have the luxury of choice. Our course is small enough to only have one lecture per unit, meaning you’re given the lecture times. It’s a mystery as to who exactly organises the timetables, with our lecturers simply calling them ‘those people’.

While I’m sure whoever made our…interesting timetable tried their best to give us the best possible times, I can’t help but feel like we were given the timetable scraps that no one else wanted. Maybe it’s because we’re creative writers? One of my tutors offered a more creative explanation that went something like this: “It was as though someone blindly threw darts, praying they would land somewhere on the board”. I think I like this theory the most. A late night class then an early morning lecture? The coffee for staying awake for the night  has only just worn off before I have to get another just to keep my eyes open for the 8am start. My friend and I have joked about sleeping overnight on campus, and it’s kind of tempting at this point.

How is everyone else going with getting back into uni (and how are you surviving)? What are your timetables like? Anyone wishing for an earlier night, or perhaps a longer sleep in? If you’ve had any issues like me – it’s probably both.

Mature-age student meet and greet – Kelvin Grove

Hi all!

Due to popular demand, a second meet & greet is being held for mature-aged students this Tuesday 14th August at the Kelvin Grove Guild Bar from 4pm – 6pm.

Garden’s Point students; Please feel very welcome to come along if you’re free!

There will also be a performance going on in the bar by KG drama students at 7:30pm for those who’d like to stick around and show their support.

Hope to see you all there!

More information available at the Party now, Study later Facebook page 🙂