Where time takes us

Hi all,

I know you’ve all missed me. I’ve missed me too.

It seems I’ve been hiding under the rock of procrastination for a minimum of at least three lunar cycles, and it’s time to emerge…slightly battle weary from the challenges weeks 7 – 14 (in uni speak) decided to throw at me, but I’ve been hibernating long enough now to, let’s face it – get over it. Suck it Up. Woman up. Shake it off. Get on with it. Move on. Jump over the hump. Have a word with myself. Pronounce to the world ‘Inshalla!’.

Hell, why not just dust off that unused joyful canary alto-voice box out of storage, and croon a little ‘Que Sera Sera’, to myself; Donning a crisp white fifties housewife number, curl my golden mane and dust the house gaily whilst I do so?

Why not? Because, like 99.87% of Semester One 2012, it is far too much effort.

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Popping the big question.

“And what do you want to be when you finish school?”

They look at you with wide eyes and eyebrows touching their hairline in such interest it burns your skin. You stammer a little, you fiddle with your fingers and study your very, very interesting shoes in response. I have literally lost count of how many times I have been asked this question. By parents, teachers, friends, people you don’t even know, shop owners, parents’ friends, friends’ friends, friends of the people you don’t even know; the list goes on! And all of them are interested in the career you will chose to pursue for the rest of your life.  It is the ultimate choice you make. Bigger than we ever thought and more stressful than any exam we have ever sat. This is the decision that will govern the rest of our lives. Read more

QUT’s Open Day [freebies & good advice]

I think everyone will agree the best things in life are free.  It can be in the form of free food, cute knick-knacks, booklets, vouchers, etc…or my personal favourite – the humble pen.  But what’s more important than any of this is the advice you’ll receive from going to QUT’s Open Day and talking to people who are currently studying at the university. Read more

My New Semester Resolutions

Although this is only my third semester at uni, I notice something of a trend emerging. At the beginning of each semester, I find myself reflecting on the previous one to prepare for the next. This is a somewhat depressing process, as it involves acknowledging the many shortcomings in my studying technique. I’ve found that it doesn’t matter how dedicatedly I attend to these flaws, there is always something to be improved upon. I guess “improvement” is a very optimistic term, of course assuming that I have stuck to the study regime I carefully plan for myself at the beginning of each semester. The painful reality is that once fully in the throes of the semester, by about week 3, I have almost completely lost my resolve to conform to anything beyond a free-style study plan. However, even though here I am readily acknowledging the futility of these resolutions, I simply cannot resist making them. I am hoping that my newfound emphasis on reasonable expectations will mean that maybe, just maybe, this time they might take! Read more

Mature aged student catch up

G’day fellow mature-ies!

I hope you’ve all rested up and ready for a rockin’ Semester 2!

This is just a quick note to let you know I will be at the Gardens Point Guild Bar on Tuesday 31st July at 4pm for a cheeky brew and I’d love you all to come along and get this mature-aged-student-movement on!

For new students, the Guild Bar is located at the end of the food court in L Block (Riverstage side). You can view a campus map here.

News on a Kelvin Grove catch up to come soon.

Hope you can all make it! 🙂


Second year slump

I’ve been AFB (away from blog) for basically the whole semester and that is due to me suffering from something I would like to call the Second Year Slump. It could manifest itself as a First, Third or Final Year Slump, but thankfully not everyone experiences it, and I sincerely hope it doesn’t affect you.

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Application anxiety: all you need to know to keep you sane!

With QTAC applications due to open soon for next year, I know there will be many a year twelve student out there in the position I found myself only a few years ago: one of excitement at the prospect of new beginnings but also nervousness at the plethora of opportunity that awaits and the responsibility of making the right decisions to utilise it. As such, I think it is high time for some reminiscing! When it comes to applying for university, there are many options available to consider, in almost any aspect imaginable: from course selection to entry requirements, there is so much information to absorb!

Personally, I found this one of the excitements, as I spent many hours researching what the world of university was all about in anticipation of a new chapter of my life. For any prospective students facing application anxiety out there, this is for those of you who, like me, just want to hear from someone who has been there before. Read more