I’m sorry, did you say ‘class is full’?

ARGHH!! Stress! Stress! Stress! START QUT students’ class registration opened today so in my spare class at school I hopped online to get into a class early that wouldn’t disrupt school so much. Lecture and tutorial on Monday. Sweet but no, wait, something’s wrong. Class full: you have been placed on a waiting list. Pardon? Class registration isn’t supposed to officially open until Monday and the compulsory lecture is FULL!? so after a major heart attack and repressed scream resulting in only a few casualties, I realised I should probably contact the START QUT services. Turns out that my disintegration of sanity was for no reason – with only one lecture available I was automatically placed in the class. *sigh*

Final submission due Sunday and I’m on top of it. Class registration complete and holidays looming; Semester 1 university subject in QUT Bachelor of Design: done. well.. almost.
Doing university and school at the same time really is possible, you just have to have a hug, a smile, a laugh and a bed somewhere to keep you going.

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    I’m glad you kept your sanity intact!

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    this is happening to me right now! i have three compulsory subjects with only one lecture each and there all full!! i’m having a panic attack right now. so is what your saying because there was only one lecture for each i am already automatically registered in it?


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      Leanne Cain

      Hello Shell

      What ever you do – don’t panic. If classes are full – especially compulsory subjects – then the faculty will monitor this and allocate more lecture times or larger classes based on demand. Please just keep checking and register for classes as new places or times become available. You could end up being automatically registered, like Amelia did, but just keep to a check to see. You might like to read more at http://www.student.qut.edu.au/enrolment-and-orientation/enrolment/class-registration

      Good luck Shell!

      The QUT Team

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      I hope everything is sorted, Shell!! its so scary isn’t it!?

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    I actually take great joy in planning out my classes, I eagerly await the release of timetables so I can plan out the most efficient scheduling. This semester my big decision was do I have a break at 10am or go straight through from 8am to 3pm with no break? I decided on that break, I’ll need to eat.

    My biggest issue has been while studying a BCI the BFA students who do nearly all the same subjects have traditionally gotten to choose a couple hours before us. When your schedule is that tight there’s only one possible tutorial you can do that doesn’t clash with a lecture, this makes for stress. Last semester I got waitlisted on the tute I was after and fortunately someone moved.

    Joy of all joys, this semester we were on equal footing with the BFAs, and enrolling was a breeze. \o/

    I’ve been lucky, I know people who have had to skip lectures all semester because the only tute they could get for another subject was during the lecture time.

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