Dolce Far Niente

Exams are over!  With my last assessment handed in and left to determine my academic fate and all of my exams at school completed I am finally, finally, on holidays! Other than our school Track and Field carnival which is on Friday… Nevertheless, the feeling of freedom is utterly splendid. You must certainly know the feeling I’m talking about; when you leave an exam and all of a sudden you can breathe, you can smile and laugh and enjoy life without thinking about what you have to do, what you have to study, what you have to check off your to-do list. You are free to enjoy the art of doing nothing. Or as the Italians put it, dolce far niente; the sweetness of doing nothing (knowledge acquired from Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert – a brilliant film and book for anyone). Read more

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The favourite blog for the month of May is 10 weeks in. Neslea will be receiving a $200 Coles/Myer gift voucher as thanks for her outstanding work.

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The QUT team

Assignment Time: A Progressive Journal

Assignments: the scourge of studying at uni. Well, not really, since at least you have unlimited time at your disposal to finish them, right? Wrong. So, assignments: gift or curse? This semester, I’m leaning towards curse, having my assignments due at the end of semester. Sure, it seems great to start off with, like you have the whole semester ahead of you before they’re due. Only later do you realise these assignments have eaten into your revision time for your encroaching exams. Because these end of semester assignments aren’t an alternative to exams, no sir. They’re in addition. This is my journey from acknowledgement, to procrastination, to progress, and, finally, to submission.

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I’m sorry, did you say ‘class is full’?

ARGHH!! Stress! Stress! Stress! START QUT students’ class registration opened today so in my spare class at school I hopped online to get into a class early that wouldn’t disrupt school so much. Lecture and tutorial on Monday. Sweet but no, wait, something’s wrong. Class full: you have been placed on a waiting list. Pardon? Class registration isn’t supposed to officially open until Monday and the compulsory lecture is FULL!? so after a major heart attack and repressed scream resulting in only a few casualties, I realised I should probably contact the START QUT services. Turns out that my disintegration of sanity was for no reason – with only one lecture available I was automatically placed in the class. *sigh*

Final submission due Sunday and I’m on top of it. Class registration complete and holidays looming; Semester 1 university subject in QUT Bachelor of Design: done. well.. almost.
Doing university and school at the same time really is possible, you just have to have a hug, a smile, a laugh and a bed somewhere to keep you going.