You know you’re a student when…

So, I was sitting down and thinking the other day, nothing unusual about that (as it’s my preferred form of procrastination!). I realised that being a student is quite a unique way of life. We’re our own class of people, with our own curious habits and experiences. So, for those who are already in the world of study, this is an invitation for reflection and hopefully a few mental giggles. For those strangers to the stresses and excitement of studying, here’s a snapshot of what you’re missing. So, here goes… Enjoy!

You know you’re a student when:

  • You wake up at 9.30 in the morning and consider this early
  • You catch yourself living the noodle stereotype
  • You’re one of ten people in the cinema because you went to a mid-day screening
  • You find yourself daydreaming about stationery because sticky notes excite you
  • You’re a big reader, but not by choice
  • You know that horror will come to anyone who mentions “Exam” and “Saturday” in the one sentence
  • You know that comparable horror will come to anyone who says “Exam” and “8 o’clock” at once
  • You know that doom must surely befall the person who says “Exam” and “Saturday” and “8 o’clock” in the one sentence
  • Running out of clothes to wear is your motivation for doing the washing
  • You have to ask someone to hide your TV box sets/ favourite books/ video games/ Facebook password during semester
  • You have to put four sugars in your coffee before it’s drinkable
  • You convince yourself you’re getting organised, but really your planner is only so interesting because it’s the better alternative to your actual work
  • “Group Assignment” invokes a shudder
  • You’re the last person on Facebook chat at night
  • You have “New Semester Resolutions”
  • You appreciate value in the form of freebies: especially coffee, movie tickets or lunch!
  • You exchange knowing glances when “Exam Week” is mentioned
  • Your coffee is never less than jumbo sized
  • The end of exam week justifies the loud music next door that persists until four in the morning
  • You’re on the bus during off peak
  • The day before the holidays is the perfect excuse for a day off
  • You live for cheap Tuesday
  • You waste your time reading blogs rather than doing your actual work!

So, those are the ones I could thought of during my most effective procrastination session. Have you lived or seen any others?

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    Khouanfa Siriphone

    You smash the coffee table and yell ‘where’s my two double short espresso!?’

    • Avatar

      Well, we’ve all been there, and those around us learn to know the signs, ie: bloodshot eyes, ragged breathing etc. Especially when there are assignments and exams looming! Afterall, what else are coffee tables for?

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    Sophie Binding

    Haha this is me exactly …. especially reading blogs instead of doing assignments 🙂

    • Avatar

      Ah yes… It is all too easy to facilitate procrastination! Good luck overcoming the procrastination!

  3. Avatar

    At the 24hr computer lab with only you and international students, working on an assignment due the next day

    • Avatar

      On the bright side, it’s one of those rare times where you won’t have to fight anyone for a computer… And you’ll have yours secured for the next day!

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    Belinda Robinson

    Lol love it – do you have Twitter Courtney? x

    • Avatar

      I don’t have Twitter, although I gather these type of lists are quite twitter-esque… I bet if I did have twitter though, it would most likely feature on this list yet another outlet of procrastination! I’m glad you could relate 🙂

  5. Avatar

    Nice Courtney. I lived the doom – Saturday, 8am, exam this semester.

    They can be so cruel can’t they? 🙂

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      Urgh… I don’t see how anyone can think that we will be performing our best early in the morning, and on a Saturday too. The only explanation for this abomination is last minute revenge! It’s a cruelty we can all find ourselves subjected to. Glad to see you’re surviving it so far though 😉

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    Scott Ryan


    I’de love to say you leave many of those things behind after uni but it just ain’t true.

    My uni days are behind me but I am currently wearing a 4 year old holy jumper and trackpants as everything else is dirty. I think they say “old habits die hard” and for althought I’de love it to be otherwise I think if your constantly running late/getting distracted/eating bad food that’s just who you are and you gotta accept it.

    For me, there’s no point fighting, I accept that my life is going to be constantly 15 minutes behind schedule with odd coloured socks and half drunk cups of coffee!

    • Avatar

      Embracing the inner student- I love it! 😉

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    Woww that’s terribly funny and great to read.Thanks so much.

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