Forgotten Passwords and Numb Toes

Assignment number 2 done and dusted! I may have lost an average of 2 hours of sleep every night and I may have given up my lunch times at school but it was all worth it! I finally finished the second assessment for my class and now I have spare time! It’s glorious.

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On your way to uni

Getting a decent coffee in Brisbane for anything under four dollars is a fair achievement these days. Brother Espresso on Margaret Street provides just that. The entrance is pretty nondescript, like many of Brisbane’s lesser known gems. All that hints at the cheeky venue’s presence are some minimalist wooden benches and a basic black and green sign.

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Of Celts and Kilts

Upon learning I was going to be a QUT blogger, I was gripped by an instant compulsion to share my pearls and/or nuggets of wisdom using the power of the interwebs. I wanted to start straight away, and chronicle my every undoubtedly invaluable thought.

Well, I didn’t. For the past few weeks uni has been systematically bombarding me with assessment, primarily in the form of interviewing random strangers, attempting to sound professional over the phone whilst I sit in bed with a packet of Doritos.

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Gratitude in hard times

Hello again cyber-buddies,

Week 11 and we’re still afloat! Well done team.

I really appreciate all the people taking time not only to read my self-indulgent whiny-poos, but commenting with words of empathy, encouragement and even solidarity.

We shall rise together yet Mature-ies – We shall rise!

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You know you’re a student when…

So, I was sitting down and thinking the other day, nothing unusual about that (as it’s my preferred form of procrastination!). I realised that being a student is quite a unique way of life. We’re our own class of people, with our own curious habits and experiences. So, for those who are already in the world of study, this is an invitation for reflection and hopefully a few mental giggles. For those strangers to the stresses and excitement of studying, here’s a snapshot of what you’re missing. So, here goes… Enjoy!

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How a self-confessed writer ended up here

Hey everyone! As you probably already know, my name is Amy and I’m in my first year at university, studying Creative and Professional Writing. My favourite part of the course thus far was seeing the looks on some of the other students’ faces when they realised how much reading we had to do. I’m still slightly baffled how they made it into the course thinking a writing program such as this one involved little to no reading.

Sadly enough, I’ve been pretty slack with reading. The last proper book I read before coming to university was George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four…and that wasn’t by choice, it was one of those novels you had to read in order to pass grade 12.

Speaking on the subject of grade 12 (and finishing school forever), I thought it would only be fitting to give you a very brief overview of how I ended up here, sitting in my pj’s, writing for the QUT student blog.

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It’s week 9! How the hell did this happen?

It’s my final semester so I’ve been absolutely pumped. I thought this is my last chance to be organised from the beginning and do really well in assessments. Now it’s week nine and I’m as unorganised as ever.

Firstly, where did the first 8 weeks of the semester go? What did I do?

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The Child Inside.

Not that I am one to say I am not a child; 16 years is barely enough time to learn the lessons life has to teach, however I have always been a very ardent fan of Peter Pan and his theories. Despite the occasional feeling of being rather grown up because I am a senior at my school and attending university with a part time job and bills to pay, I have found that there is this one, special thing that launches me back into childhood with astonishing speed and no consideration of whether I want to go or not, but to be honest, I don’t mind. Read more