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A big hello to all the..um.. QUTians? ..QUTopia?.. QUTites?… QUTsiders?  QUTese?..  QUTers?.. QUTans?.. oh well I’ll figure that out later. This is the long overdue welcome to the new kids on the block and the old kids who had no option but to stay back. Hope you are all easing into the busy student life. I personally feel like I’ve been dropped in the middle of a warzone without any armour and I have to exploit my survival skills to get to the end. It is only week 3, but the immense workload creates a different perception on the semester timeline. I guess I kinda expected it to be this way, since its my 4th and last year of a double degree.

Anyways, this year I thought I might help out everyone with identifying QUT’s very own facilities, opportunities and programs that could help out in finding a career, getting help in assignments or even joining a club/society. So I will be doing a blog series called QUT 101, which would involve anything from QUT faculties to QUT career programs. If you have anything in particular that you want to know more about, leave me a comment I will try my best to get some information and publish around here.

So to kick off,

Everyone has heard of it, everyone has seen people with the connect shirts on, but not many know what exactly it is. This is my take on it.

QUT Connect is a student-led volunteer program at QUT, introduced to welcome new students and help them ease into the so called adventurous university life. Great thing about this program is that new students aren’t painted a pretty picture of how easy university life is, how much fun it is to follow up on assignments or how easy it is to manage your time properly; but they are given first hand information by fellow students about their own university experiences; the difficulties, accomplishments and adventures.

The Orientation briefing sessions are run by like-minded students also known as QUT Connectors, who share their experience of being a QUT student with the new students. I was one of the lucky few who got to be a QUT Connector at the Semester 1 Orientation (2012) and had a amazing time meeting new students. I found that new students were more enthusiastic to interact with fellow students rather than tutors, lecturers or administrators. As Connectors, we were able to answer some of the their questions regarding QUT online portals, administrative tasks, and class scheduling. As per usual, there were also some bizarre/funny questions!

“Where are the closest toilets?”
“How do I wake up so early in the morning?”
“What’s your credit card number?”
“Do I have to come to uni?”

These questions definitely helped to break the ice with new students. All in all, the QUT Connect program was a great help to the new students as well as the Connectors. The main intention of this program is to improve Student Life beyond studies within the university, and the orientation program was definitely a giant step towards that goal.

So hope you all new students went to the Orientations, got a lot of freebies and attended the QUT Connect sessions. Anything interesting happened during those sessions? Did you learn anything exciting about QUT? or How useful did you find the QUT Connect Sessions?  Do feel free to leave a comment at the end of the post or on QUT Connect Facebook site or even tweet @QUT / @hasitha_sam with #QUTConnect hashtags 🙂

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    Nice blog Hasitha!

    I was a QUT Connector this year too. It was so much fun. Definitely want to do it again.

    • Avatar

      Thanks Beth. Yeah it was a great experience as a student to help out other students. Hope to see you around Connect the next time 🙂

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    Dianne Le

    Hey there!
    I was a QUT Connector for the first time this year and I enjoyed it immensely =) I did wish I could have done a better job but that’s why I hope I have the opportunity to do it again next year !

    That first question “Where is the toilet?” is such a good question because there’s nothing worse than needing to go and not knowing where the closest one is haha

    • Avatar

      haha yeah it was quite the popular question as well!..

      Im pretty sure you would’ve done a great job at the QUT Connect Sessions. May be see you around at the next QUT Connect events!

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    Try “qudents” on for size as a neologism.

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      wow didn’t think of that one. That’s as good as neologism gets!

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