Are you QUT’s next student blogger?

We are on the lookout for new bloggers to contribute to the student sharehouse. The blog is designed to give prospective students an idea of what university is really like, with many current students following and sharing their own experiences.

You need to be a current QUT undergraduate student to apply. We are really keen to hear from you if this is your first year, as you are likely to find the uni experience challenging at times and you know first-hand what prospective students are going through. You’ll need to blog at least once a month and to keep it to a PG rating.

We don’t edit your blog or tell you what to write, but we won’t publish anything that breaches the QUT Student Code of Conduct. You can blog about any topic of interest to you and it doesn’t have to be all good news, as we are looking for a genuine account of life at uni. You aren’t limited to words for your blog – you can use photos, music, drawings or video – anything you choose.

We have a selection panel lined up to choose the best bloggers to join the existing contributors. If you are selected as a new recruit you will receive training in how to use the blogging platform, regular inspiration for blog topics and tips on being a successful blogger. You will also go into the running to win the blog of the month, with some great prizes on offer.

To enter you need to write your profile and first blog for the student sharehouse. Please keep your profile to about 300 words and your blog no more than 2,500 words. Then just send your entry to by Friday 23 March 2012.

While you are here, remember to subscribe to the blog so you receive updates straight to your inbox. If you have your own blog and would like to link from the sharehouse website, send us your link.

Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any feedback or questions.

Good luck, and we hope to hear from you soon.

The QUT team

If I had a Cheeseburger Every-freaking-time…

Ahh gentle readers, it’s that magical time of year again. O Week is just around the corner, my studyplan looks like a trainwreck and I’m remembering all the things that piss me off at university. Frightened first years and worried parents? Ignore this. University is a magical land of unicorns and butterfly poops where nothing can encroach on your academic bliss.

Everybody else? You know what I’m talking about. Read more

And the winner is…

The judging panel has made a decision, so we can finally announce QUT’s Favourite Blogger for 2011.

Congratulations go to Emma-Leigh!  She’s given us a wonderful insight into life as a regional student – from moving to Brisbane, finding share accommodation and coping with living away from friends and family. She’s also tackled the challenges that all students face – having no money, procrastination and the pressure of working out what you want to do for the rest of your life.

Thanks to our dedicated student bloggers for their words of wisdom throughout the year. We hope you’ve enjoyed their take on student life.

And thanks to all of you for reading and commenting. If you are keen to blog or know someone who would be interested, the competition details for the new recruits will be posted on Wednesday.

If you have any feedback on the blog, please leave a comment or email us.