I want to live at home forever (well as long as I can)

This is why. Try and deny my logic. I dare you to.

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    Truth in every pixel!

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      Haha thanks 🙂

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    At the risk of being seriously flamed, I am going to dare to defy your logic.

    Firstly funny post and very true.

    But from my initial student experiences 25yrs ago, I think you are missing out on some really good times and experiences. I got on well with my parents but I look back at the time I first moved out of home into shared accomodation as being the happiest of my life. Sure life’s easier at home but not nearly as much fun. There were bad times as well as good but I don’t regret it at all. I would never have done the things I did or met the people I met had I stayed safely at home.

    Your argument is very logical Leyla but for me living away from home was so much fun it made up for the negatives

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      I wouldn’t flame you for that! Thanks for the excellent comment Phil, I really appreciate people who challenge my logic!

      Of course I know there is a flip side to my living at home argument. This post was never meant to put down sharehousing. I’m constantly jealous of my friends who sharehouse. It does seem like they’re having the time of their lives.

      The thing is though, I KNOW once I move out I’ll never really be able to live at home again. I’ll want to do my own thing plus I’m pretty sure my parents are moving to the coast as soon as I leave!

      I love my family and with them I’ve got a toe in both the ‘adult’ world and my childhood. I don’t think I want to lose that before I really have to. I’ve got my whole life to be a full-fledged rent-paying member of society 🙂

      And I know you’re thinking that it’s different when it’s a student sharehouse- I get that too! I want to do a graduate diploma at AFTRS in Sydney anyway, so that’ll probably be the year I move out. I just don’t think students should rush into it if they have a perfeclty swell situation at home.

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    As a mature age student returning to Brisbane and to study in 2012, the choice to return to the folks house was a simple one.
    The choice to return to study in the first place required far more pondering. Anyway pumped for 2012, bring it on!!

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      Woop woop 😀 You’ve made a good choice! What are you studying may I ask?

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    I lived at home when I went to QUT.

    Ideally I would have loved to live in one of those student accommodation apartments – like those found at Southbank. Close to the city and uni, meeting other students from all over the place, and only being responsible for cleaning my room (not common areas!). But I couldn’t afford it D:

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      I KNOW! I don’t know why you have to be a rockafella to afford to live in student accomodation! I will never understand them either :S

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    Depends if your parents house is close to the city I guess. For the money saver alone it’s worth it, but taking the hour+ commute a few days a week can make anyone ponder a change…

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