QUT through stop-motion photography

Stop-motion photography is an animation technique used to physically manipulate objects appear to move on its own. In this case, a photograph is taken as the student takes a step making it look like they are gliding rather than walking. Stop motion is one of the most creative animation techniques which is comparatively easy to do, but time consuming. You just need a camera and a video editing software. There is so many fun things you could try out.

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The customer is always right….

 …… whoever said this must have been a customer!

The customer is not always right and sometimes really not worth the trouble. Unfortunately working in hospitality and customer service in general means it is your job to be nice no matter how stupid the customer is.

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Cats and Courses

To be perfectly honest with you I would be happy living like my sim in Sims 3 Pets; in a cozy house with a cat named Pudding and making outrageous amounts of money through royalties gained with my 12 best-selling novels.  Plus the occasional cheat code for lots of money helps as well.  But alas, there are no cheat codes in the real world and if you want to be successful you have to put in the hard yards.

Back-up plan if I fail university: become a crazy cat lady.
Image found here.

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As I’m writing this it is exactly 4 weeks until the infamous schoolies week. My group and I had already booked our room by this time last year. We were booked into this dodgy hotel that looked like an 80’s time machine.  Now I mean that’s sort of what you want for schoolies right? A dodgy-ish apartment with relaxed rules and less stuff to break?

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Losing My Concert Virginity Via The Wombats.

No this isn’t the script for a sadistic and beastly horror movie. This is the story of my first concert. The Wombats for those who don’t know are an indie rock band from Liverpool. The band consisting of Tod, Dan and Murph (I use the first names because I know them so well ;)) met at the Liverpool institute of performing arts and have since released 3 albums and numerous songs in between.

The band has toured Australia a number of times and was here early this year, but they returned again last Thursday to the Riverstage for yet another amazing concert. Let me tell you how the concert went down.

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What’s your favourite snack when studying?

I guess everybody has different cravings when studying or a certain type of food you love eating just before you have an important exam. Sometimes I wish I was one of those people who can’t eat at all before exams. It would save me an awful lot of money as I already spent enough on take away coffee on campus.

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First World Problems

I was driving home the other night and on the radio there was a discussion on these so-called “First World Problems”. They’re basically problems that exist only in the most luxurious, safe, technologically advanced and privileged parts of our world. I find them fascinatingly, ridiculously funny. Now just to be clear, I’m definitely NOT encouraging us to complain at all about our privileged lives and am very very aware that there are MANY MANY more people out there with much dire problems than us. However, in saying that, I think it’s good to poke fun at ourselves! Blanketed by luxury and splendour, perhaps we’ve lost track of how petty our problems are. These little phrases are just a reminder of exactly that. Every time I hear about one of these problems, my mind goes one of both ways, sometimes it thinks ” Oh me too!!! ” but most of the time… it usually thinks ” OH MY GOD HOWEVER WILL YOU SURVIVE?!?!?!”

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Soundwave MMXII Lineup

Released on the 7th of October in a flurry of excitement and amidst persistent rumours, the lineup for Soundwave 2012 reads like a Triple J Hottest 100 list. And if I were to rate the list on a scale of one to Chuck Norris, this has ’roundhouse kick-ass’ stamped on it with the colour of thirty-seven double rainbows.

25th of February is the day and tickets go on sale at 9am on October 13.

So in case you didn’t know…

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