How I Met Everyone Else

So kids, if you are an International student like me you would probably have a tongue twister of a unique name and a fruit salad of a mixed accent. Also you would probably have a choreographed story about how you moved to Australia for further studies and managing the life away from your family. After a while, it becomes a repetitive routine that you are obliged to follow. But it is a story worth preserving as it becomes the cornerstone for the stories to come.

Meeting people and trying to fit in a foreign environment is one of the drawbacks for an international student, or anyone I guess. There’s this unspoken perception and a thought process of having an “uninteresting personality” or “shy-ness” to speak to strangers; or that could be just me. But aren’t we all strangers before we became friends or got to know each other?? So why not reverse engineer the concept of friendship and acquaintances. Take a leap into the unknown abyss of mutual trust.

University life gives you this invaluable experience of making friends, getting to know other people and understanding different cultural norms and values. If you have a positive prospect towards socialising, you’d find this most intriguing and fascinating; or humorous to an extent. That first day in tutorial, when you realise you have a group assignment and scouting for partners in crime can be exhilarating if you do it right. Then again there are those ice breakers, which can help you out anyways. But I think it’s just a lazy way of making friends. I always hated the idea of ice breakers, but it is a great way to strike a conversation. Especially, I use my love towards the tv show, “How I Met Your Mother” to do so. And its proven to be a winner. One of my good friends, for the sake of the blog, lets call her “LuLu”, justified my fanatical personality in the very own words of HIMYM. I should also mention that LuLu is bit Cuckoo (Adjective: people think you are crazy) about that show too.  I was ecstatic to hear the following speech at my 21st birthday as it pretty much summed up my life. Yes, I can be quite modest sometimes *sarcasm intended*.

“Ratitude. Connectitude. Linkativity. These are all the things we think of when we see Hasitha Samaratunga. You’re as smooth as your mentor, Ted Mosby, as spiffy looking as Barney in a suit, as nice as Marshall is to Lily (without the whole whipped thing going on), as devoted to the Sri Lankan cricket team as Robin is to the Vancouver Canucks and as caring as Lily is to the rest of the gang. You’re also a social chameleon – we even think you should change your name to Hasitha Chameleon. You’re even cool enough to have your own doppelganger. Also, in the Manatee-Mermaid Law, in everyone’s eyes: You’ll always be the mermaid.” – LuLu

All in all, moral of the story is that, you can’t make friends like that, just with those awkward ice breakers. I know it’s almost the end of the semester, but its never too late to meet new and interesting people. So break out that comfortable bubble of yours and make an effort to meet people. Be spontaneous, strike a conversation with people next to you in your tute’s and lectures, share your mutual hatred towards procrastination, lack of sleep, public transportation and the ridiculously steep hill you have to climb in Kelvin  Grove. For what you know, you’ll be telling those stories to your kids in 30 years.

P.S.A. (Public Service Announcement) – How I Met Your Mother Season 7, 1 hour premiere on Monday, 19th of September 🙂

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    I enjoy reading your article, it relates to me as I’m an international student as well. First step out of comfort-zone is always challenging, but always rewarding.


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      Thank you, Cynthia. And yes I know the feeling. It is quite the leap of faith you have to take.

      Hope you are enjoying your studies in Australia.

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    I’ve always hated ice breakers too, Hasitha! What a great perspective you have of making friends in uni groups!

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      haha thanks emily. You should try it 😉

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