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When I make my timetable for the semester, I try to have an hour break between long blocks of classes so I can give my brain a rest.  While this is all good for the first 10 minutes, most of the time I find myself in the library falling asleep over my notes desperately wishing I’d brought my laptop to trawl Facebook for some goss and daily lols.  Boredom has struck!  I used to think I’d be busy 24/7 with uni work (I should really get into doing the weekly readings) but now I’m just bored. Chairman of the Bored.  However, I’ve come up with a few things to stop that boredom bug from biting again!

Bored Cat

1. Go to a random lecture
I had a spare half an hour the other day so I went to my friend’s Mathematics for Engineering lecture and wow, I can definitely understand how much effort you have to put in to do maths B or C in high school. I’m really glad I stuck with good ol’ Maths A because the maths in this lecture was full-on!  The lecturer started off by saying “What we’re learning about today is probably the hardest thing in the unit” and I was thinking “Aw man, I picked a great time to come didn’t I.”  Nevertheless, I sat there diligently taking notes while my friends kept looking at me strangely, because really, there was no need for me to take notes about this mathematical mumbo jumbo.  But I didn’t want to sit there like a noob while people behind me would be thinking what’s this weirdo doing at the lecture?  It was a fun experience even though I had no clue what was going on 100% of the time.  So if you have a spare hour in your day, go to your friend’s lecture! See what you learn.

2. Talk to the random person next to you in the lecture
I’ve done this a few times and you’ll never know who you speak to next!  I met an exchange student from California one day and we had a really long chat about where she was from, what she likes about Brisbane and what life was like back in the States.  It was really interesting to talk to someone who was new to Australia and seeing what their experience had been like so far.  Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new best friend in the next lecture you go to.

3. Join a club
I haven’t done this one yet because I’m lazy and it’s almost the end of the year, so I’ll join one next year.  But QUT has so many clubs on offer that it’s crazy I haven’t joined one yet!

I’ve heard about a few clubs like the QUT Cliffhangers,  an awesome rock climbing club for all you outdoorsy types.

Plus there’s a theatrical club called Vena Cava, these guys put on shows throughout the year and I’ve heard they’re really good. I must go to one of those shows!

I’m thinking about joining a club called AMPed (Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations) since I think I want to get into PR. They hold events like workshops, career panels, firm hops and other exciting things so I’ll definitely have to join next year!

For more info on student groups, check out the QUT Student Guild website or check the QUT website of the faculty you’re in.  There are also probably some other groups not listed on these sites, so maybe ask around, search Facebook and see what you can join.

Do you have any boredom busting ideas?

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    Lol…great post Melissa! Thanks for giving my some goss and lols while I’m restrained myself from Facebook as I could not afford it with…5 units!

    Re the math lecture, wondering if you’re taking about the packed lecture in Z block where there’re full of blokes and most of them have to sit on the stair? I went there the other day to look for my bf but had to give up!

    • Avatar

      Thanks Annie! Hahaha yes Facebook can be very tempting sometimes, must resist! Wow 5 units must be pretty full-on, what course are you doing?

      And yes I think it’s that one you’re talking about. It’s in the room with the chairs on a really steep incline that makes me feel like I’d fall right down to the bottom if I tripped. I had no idea it would be such a popular lecture, it was packed! I can see what you mean though, it would be impossible to find anyone in there 😛

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    HI Melissa…..

    Great post….
    NIce to meet you….
    what course are you doing…?


    • Avatar

      Thanks Janith, I’m glad you liked it!
      I’m doing a double degree of Business and Creative Industries.
      How about you?

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