Making plans not to make plans

They say that admittance is the first step to recovery.  Well then, let me start by saying I’m suffering from a major case of “Post-Travel Depression”.  My PTD is so bad that whenever someone asks me what my six weeks abroad was like, my mind goes into a complete daydream of random Vienna flashbacks.  Pretty much all I can manage to communicate is a wimpy stutter that sounds something like ‘it was amazing’.

And the truth is, it really was amazing, for so many different reasons.  It was probably the first time in my life I was truly independent, something I did for myself and entirely on my own.  I met so many inspiring people from all over the world, with a great thirst for life and a fantastic attitude.  It was refreshing, being able to meet and become friends with like-minded people, in such an amazing city.

Before I went I felt like I was running out of time.  There was a deep sense of urgency like everything was changing too fast and I couldn’t keep up.  I guess it was because I kept seeing friends of mine (who are roughly the same age as me) buying houses, getting engaged, settling down… big life-changing decisions which all seem completely foreign to me right now.

Since coming home however, this feeling has been replaced by motivation to just get on with it.  I no longer see the point in comparing myself to other people’s lives.  So as I head into Week 3 of my final semester, there are plenty of things for me to consider.  For starters, what am I going to do next year?  It was such a simple decision for me to come to university straight after school, but deciding what to do when you’ve graduated is a pretty big deal.

I suppose completing a bachelor degree in Architecture does have the advantage of leading to the obvious path of completing a Masters of Architecture (as without masters, and registration you cannot legally call yourself an Architect).  Although this does raise the question of where should I complete my Masters?  Shall I follow onto to QUT with most of my peers, or should I take another leap and apply to another city, another country even?  Is heading down this ‘obvious’ path of bachelor-masters-registration even right for me?  What about Masters by research?  What about a job?

It seems like I have too many options, all of which I must sift through before the end of the year. So right now my ‘plan’ is to apply for everything and just see what happens.  It’s a very carefree plan and Pre-Vienna Claire wouldn’t have accepted it.  But this is PTD Claire, and while I still exist somewhere between my Vienna daydreams and the real world, I’m just going to keep focusing on one day at a time.

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    I always make plans not to make plans. You hit the nail with this blog. Great job!!

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