Origins of QUT web-sapiens: New QUT website launch and a look back from 1997

Human evolution has been explored, questioned and personified in a variety of ways depending on the intricate evidence presented at the time being. And I’m no ancestry alien to prove any theories on human evolution right or wrong. However, as a friend to the human race which has evolved over a thousand years, I think something went very wrong.

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QUT Big Lift Launch Party

That’s right folks, we’re hosting our launch party, and we want to invite you!

After months of preparation, inundating lectures across the campuses, hosting bake sales, and sausage sizzles, and talking big about the QUT Big Lift, we are hosting our launch party tonight, with many local bands, Brisbane performers, all in all a line up full of surprises and excitement.

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Concerned about peoples work ethics/morals

What is considered good work ethic?  A dictionary definition describes it as a set of values based on moral virtues of hard work and diligence. I believe you can’t find one definition that fits all types as everybody has different moral virtues. For some people good work ethic might be arriving on time for work and others think fulfilling their duties and going beyond what was asked is considered good work ethic.

This is a precarious topic as everybody will have an opinion about it and I am not seeking to start an extensive discussion. I just need to vent a little as I have been in more than one situation I would consider as bad work ethic behaviour.

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Independence Day

No, I won’t be talking about the movie starring Will Smith with aliens invading and things being blown to pieces.  I’ve come to realise that I’m a very dependent person.  I live at home, I’m sadly still on my L plates and although I do technically have a job, I only get about 3 hours of work a month so it doesn’t really count.  I think it’s time I grow up and take some initiative for myself. Read more

Hit the lights, bass, sound… Let’s go!

Sweat races down the sides of my body. I’ve know this beat so well. What does the crowd look like? Will the mikes be on? Shit, I dropped my guitar pick. The back stage crew are calling our names; ‘hurry the f*** up, because the set times are behind schedule’. I can see the lights; now the crowd… let’s rock.


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Battle of the Bands 2011

I don’t attend to live music events very often, but whenever I do I always enjoy myself.  There is something amazing about that unmistakable feeling of hearing your favourite songs being played live.  I distinctly remember being at Suncorp Stadium last December and hearing the entire crowd singing ‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for’ by U2; I had goosebumps and shivers down my spine.  This is a famous international band and those types of experiences are expected, but the array of talent on offer at the Battle of the Bands this weekend, didn’t leave me disappointed.

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The little man upstairs…

 There’s always that myth going around that we only use ten per cent of brains capacity, me being the highly qualified scientist that I am (not), have this theory that during those two days before a very important exam, a little man in your head gets out of his chair and walks to this huge machine called your brain. I can imagine it being this huge intricate system with flashing lights and it making a whirring sound. There’s this huge keyboard looking thing and on it is two huge buttons. A shiny green button and an even shinier red button, which one does that little man press?

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