Even bigger city life – life as an eighteen year old.

Up until a few weeks ago I was living with friends of our family in a northern suburb of Brisbane quite some distance from university and the city and I was under 18. Since then I now am over eighteen and have my own rental apartment with my partner. It’s amazing how much can change within a whole month!

First let’s start with being eighteen. Oh how I thought eighteen was never ever going to come. It took ages and ages and ages! I counted down the days, planned my party months in advance and had everything that I wanted to do once I had turned eighteen mapped out: move closer to uni – in my own unit, hit the streets clubbing, buy my first legal drink, get a credit card, stay in a hotel, etc. etc. Since turning eighteen I have managed to get my own unit with my partner, buy a legal drink and go clubbing, but that’s all. Being eighteen really isn’t that much of a difference, well to me anyway. I still am the same person as before, just legal. But I am so happy I finally have my own unit! The annoying part of being eighteen is that everything seems to be more expensive – especially if you’re not a student and if places either classify you as a child, adult or pensioner. Also being constantly asked for ID can be annoying especially when it literally takes me 15 minutes to pull my driver’s license out of the tiny space in my wallet where it lives. But overall, being eighteen is really a whole lot better!

Now the joys of finding a rental unit that’s right for you. I don’t know how many days and nights I spent searching through many online real estate websites searching for a rental property and inspecting many properties I really couldn’t see myself living in, but I guess it paid off. Towards the end of week one of my new home search, I found a brand new little apartment in Kelvin Grove about 10 minutes walk to the campus. I was ecstatic, especially after the inspection a few days later.

The small unit was only one bedroom and right where I wanted it to be – just a short walk to Kelvin Grove campus. Despite the fact that there were no car parks other than street parking for 2 cars (my partner’s and mine) and that it was quite small, it was what we wanted. So we filled in an application and waited five days to receive an answer (which is a lot longer than usual). After the first few days of waiting for an answer, our hopes went down and sure enough we had a phone call saying there had been another application which was approved before us.

A little disappointed, I went straight back to searching through the websites, within an hour I found a brand new apartment in Stafford, two bedroom with 2 car parks and much bigger than the previous unit. There was an inspection that afternoon where we were so happy we immediately filled out the application and submitted it. The next morning we heard it was approved!

That was six days ago now. We are all moved in and have a small amount of unpacking left. When you are first looking for a rental, it can be exhausting, especially having to compete with other applications and find a property that you can visualise yourself living in. But if you can’t find something you like on your first searching day, don’t give up, you’ll find one. And don’t give up if one if disapproved.

So being eighteen can allow you to do a lot, which is great. But it can also cost a lot more. So if you’re under 18, go crazy on those movie tickets and any other concessions! But remember being eighteen will come around faster than you think.

Take care all!

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