Some of us have lots of friends, while others only a small circle. There are the childhood friends, the ones you made mud cakes in the sandpit with. You may still be close after school, university, etc or you drift in different directions. Then there are friends you make in school – you may have spent every minute together but after you finish school you don’t speak to each other anymore. There are people you called your friends but they disappear as soon as you actually need their help. In those situations you learn who your true friends are and sometimes and it turns out to be people you never have considered…

It is the same at university. Some of you may not make new friends instantly – we all know how difficult it is to get into an existing ‘clicky’ friendship group. You may have a class with a person and you get to know them during the semester and you think ‘nice, I’ve actually made a new friend’ but then the semester is over you don’t see each other anymore. Then again, you may get to know a ’random’ person at uni, who you don’t have any classes with and actually become really friends.

But it doesn’t stop after university – Your entire life you will meet new people and make new friends and see old friends depart.  I think some of us fail to realise we are lucky to have found really good friends that have been in our lives for a while and will stay no matter what is happening.   With a true friend, it doesn’t matter if you speak every other day our just once a month, if you live in the same country and see each other regularly or just every couple of years – it is as if the last time you have seen or spoken to that person was yesterday.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you should not let a situation pass where you have the opportunity to make a new friend. Uni is the perfect environment to meet new people – some likeminded, but all unique. I like to picture university as a funnel – the closer you get to finish your degree, the more likely it is you have classes with the same people, thus it is easier to make friends!

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    Missed the chance to make friends in uni, though. Rule of making friends in Australia is very different from that in my home country.Is there any possibility to make friends in Australian workplace?

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      Hi Daisy

      What’s the rule in your country and how are you making friends?
      I think it is possible to make friends at work. I am really good friends with a girl from my work and we now live together.
      Don’t give up! 🙂

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    Annie TRAN

    I do feel there is sort of an invisible gap among people around uni. I’m neither charismatic nor spontaneous so it makes even harder to make friends. Any tips on that?

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      I don’t really know as I am not really good at making friends either.I am just good at chatting to someone when the other person starts talking to me first. But I think its best to start trying to find people in your tutorial groups as you will see them on a regular basis.

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