From extreme cold weather to extreme hot weather

…. Okay, that is bit of an exaggeration. Being an international student in Brisbane has meant I get to travel quite a bit when it’s the holiday times. My holiday travel has most recently included coming home to Sri Lanka.  So when I left Brisbane, the temperature got down to 5 degrees and when I arrived in Sri Lanka the temperature got up to 32 degrees. Hence, my poor justification for the exaggeration.

Over the years I have gotten used to steady weather conditions, where I don’t have to have few blankets or a heater to go to sleep at night or even to shower 6 times a day because you sweat every 5 minutes during day time. This might sound like such an annoying complaint for those who have lived or living in countries with extreme weather conditions; but weather sensitive kids like me find it difficult to adapt to such conditions, and even find it simply inconvenient.

All in all, its good to be back home. You know that feeling of finishing the uni semester on a high note and coming back to see your family? Yeah that. I have a feeling this post is bit too late to be posted, as the holidays are almost coming to an end, grades are being released and all are getting ready to face another grueling semester. But better late than never.

Hope everyone is enjoying their well deserved holidays, wishing best of luck for those who are looking forward for the next semester and welcome to the cool new kids starting uni in the second semester. While I get back to the land of cold from the land of hot, I’ll leave you with a silly riddle which kept me entertained for whole 5 minutes.

What’s once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in a thousand years?

now don’t go googling the answer for that, you are better than that. Yes you!

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    The letter M!

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      …and you are correct, Elizabeth 🙂

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    oh wow, and I thought I had it bad. lol. Well I guess it’ll be quite an experience that you will be reminiscing about in like 10 years time.

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