What is success? How do we succeed? What if we don’t, is that the end of the world? If you’re like me, success is expected. Not just from caring family members, but I also put the pressure on myself to succeed in everyday life. Even the society we live in creates competition to succeed. We live in such a competitive culture, if we don’t succeed to many of us just give up.  But this blog is about thinking of success in a different way, not just achieving a phenomenal accomplishment, but realising success is waking up every morning.

Too many people think being successful is just about having your dream career and making your dreams come true. But this puts too much pressure on us – what if I fail that one exam that depicts my future? What if I get a horrible OP? What if I don’t get the promotion I wanted? Too many of us think that this is failure and that we won’t ever get anywhere, causing us to be reluctant about trying to achieve our dreams and goals. The people around us often put pressure on us and can also get disappointed if we ‘fail’ at something. We even compare our achievements to others; thinking that if somebody is achieving better marks or more of their life goals than us, we are a failure. But in fact, we succeed every day!

Waking up every morning, being happy that you’re alive and kicking, is success. Success is having the ability and self-confidence to put yourself in a position to succeed in the first place. For example, applying for your dream career, going to university and going for an OP are all successes even though you don’t know the outcome. Just think about all the people who aren’t trying in any way to succeed because they are afraid of failure. Even if we don’t get the OP we wanted, the dream promotion or job or do well in an exam or assignment, why give up? There are always ways around our disappointments, to reach our dream goals, if we continue to try. Who cares if someone achieves something before we do, who knows, we may achieve something way better. Just don’t give up.

As for the people in our lives putting pressure on us, I believe the best way to avoid becoming stressed is to just ignore them. Putting pressure on us will just create stress which nobody needs. We just need to keep a positive attitude within ourselves and continue to succeed.

Just remember that we are succeeding in life. Every morning waking up is a success.  If a downfall occurs, continue to strive because nobody knows what’s in the future.

So go ahead and start realising your successes.

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    I apprepriciate that life-affirming attitude! We tend to waste time worrying about future. Enjoying the moment and concentrating on task at hand with good planning is the way to go.

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      Hi Daisy.

      Yes exactly. Thank you for confirming my belief!

      Take care.

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        I agree with you Emma-Leigh,

        thank you

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          Thanks okay Ahmed 🙂

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