Even bigger city life – life as an eighteen year old.

Up until a few weeks ago I was living with friends of our family in a northern suburb of Brisbane quite some distance from university and the city and I was under 18. Since then I now am over eighteen and have my own rental apartment with my partner. It’s amazing how much can change within a whole month!

First let’s start with being eighteen. Oh how I thought eighteen was never ever going to come. It took ages and ages and ages! I counted down the days, planned my party months in advance and had everything that I wanted to do once I had turned eighteen mapped out: move closer to uni – in my own unit, hit the streets clubbing, buy my first legal drink, get a credit card, stay in a hotel, etc. etc. Read more

Walk-through QUT from a looking glass

“Holidays were nothing but the past, yet the bittersweet happiness of freedom is still present”. All in all, everyone’s gearing up for another gruelling semester of acquiring words of wisdom and intricate information; or some people call it education. Hope it wouldn’t override the intake of intellectual capacity, apparently it indicates that you are stressing. So start the semester off on a good note, as I would like to say –

Don’t stress, just think less.*

* Disclaimer – Results may vary.

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The Semester of Saving

Over the holidays Josh (my partner) and I moved house. We’re living in the granny flat at his mum’s property in Munruben Forest – it has a beautiful country cottage feel and I’m setting up a herb garden and veggie patch (slowly). We’re so lucky to pay ridiculously cheap rent and still get our own privacy plus kitchen, bathroom, lounge of our own and we got a wireless repeater to pick up the internet signal from the main house.

Clearly with our living costs so low I would be mad to not start saving, right? The question is HOW? This might be very straight forward for those accustomed to being financially savvy but for me it’s quite the challenge. I know the basics – spend less money – but after that I’m kind of scratching my head. So after (unsuccessfully) trying to convince Josh to become a vegetarian, trawling the net for some advice, talking to friends and family and thinking about the things I already do to save money, have come across a few gems of advice that I would like to share. Read more


Some of us have lots of friends, while others only a small circle. There are the childhood friends, the ones you made mud cakes in the sandpit with. You may still be close after school, university, etc or you drift in different directions. Then there are friends you make in school – you may have spent every minute together but after you finish school you don’t speak to each other anymore. There are people you called your friends but they disappear as soon as you actually need their help. In those situations you learn who your true friends are and sometimes and it turns out to be people you never have considered… Read more

So many different places to call home

My mother is very superstitious and so when I arrived in Vienna a week ago and saw that the time was 11:11, I figured that must be good luck.  It’s these little things that become the big things on a journey like this.  Traveling to a destination by myself that I have never been to before, where I know no one and cannot speak the local language.  All the ingredients for an interesting mid-year overseas adventure.

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From extreme cold weather to extreme hot weather

…. Okay, that is bit of an exaggeration. Being an international student in Brisbane has meant I get to travel quite a bit when it’s the holiday times. My holiday travel has most recently included coming home to Sri Lanka.  So when I left Brisbane, the temperature got down to 5 degrees and when I arrived in Sri Lanka the temperature got up to 32 degrees. Hence, my poor justification for the exaggeration.

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Survival Guide to Design Presentations

The end of semester design critique is a unique, and necessary, part of the design degree.  Having recently completed my 7th semester at QUT I have noticed a distinct pattern emerges around the last week of semester amongst all design students leading up to presentations.  It’s very intense and honestly, I think that even three weeks later I am still recovering.  Although at this present moment I am recovering in Vienna, Austria (but I’ll get back to that later).

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No time to couch around.

The holidays are here! Woop-woop. Joy, happiness, X-Box.

I write this from a crowded terminal in the airport. Yes, I am heading to Brazil for a month of parental nagging and hanging out with my famous writer-sister (not to be confused with the Scissor Sisters). If only you could see how hipster I look in my airplanewear, shaggy hair, leopard socks and MacBook… like, you’d probably want to shoot me. And that’s okay. I’m on holidays, and so is my Hipster Abuse alarm.

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What is success? How do we succeed? What if we don’t, is that the end of the world? If you’re like me, success is expected. Not just from caring family members, but I also put the pressure on myself to succeed in everyday life. Even the society we live in creates competition to succeed. We live in such a competitive culture, if we don’t succeed to many of us just give up.  But this blog is about thinking of success in a different way, not just achieving a phenomenal accomplishment, but realising success is waking up every morning. Read more