Change, the double entendre

So once a great man said to me, “Change can’t be given to your every time, you must bring Change”. You will soon find out who said that to me, but before that ask yourself – do you honestly like the simple premise of change?  As for me, no I don’t.

Even though change is part of our everyday life, it is much needed by our own demands and lifestyles. I’ve realised that change is a necessity when moving to a new school, first day in uni, starting out a new job or even moving countries. Change is universal, it doesn’t care about your religion, race or nationality. I can relate to this as I have lived and travelled in few different countries and the idea of change was vital for me to survive in a society of judgement and impatience. Now that I think of it, I wonder how much change the backpackers who travel around the world needs. Lack of change for backpackers would be risky in the uncharted waters of cultural cities and conservative countries.

If you are uni student you should treasure, change. How many times have you contemplated change in front of the printing station, before printing out that last 50 page long assignment?  How much motivation and change would you need to print that assignment you are not happy with? But you would still do it to meet such daft deadlines. Who to say how much change is needed, and how much you should have closer to yourself. You’ll notice that you are in needed of change, when you are least expecting. So expect the unexpected to know the unknown.

And how many times have you gotten this message from Microsoft Word.

Even the computer is asking if I want to save the changes to change. (I should probably give you some context there – I named the file which I’m typing this post as “Change”).

Anyways, I just read through what I’ve written so far and realised that it doesn’t make much sense. But in keeping with the theme of this post, I won’t be “changing” anything. The bottom line is if you like it or not, change is inevitable …………….except from bus drivers.

“Change, the double entendre”

Now for a bonus chuckle read the post again with the caption and the picture below in mind.

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    I got a real kick out of this post Hasitha! The first time I read it I was like ‘hmmmmm’ so true, and I felt it was really thought provoking. But the second time I read it, Lols were had. It was really cleverly put together 🙂

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    Thanks emily. That’s exactly what I was hoping from this post. To be honest I was bit hesitant to post it, as I thought it sounded bit messy and all over the place. But glad you liked it and actually got the pun 🙂

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    First time reading thoughts: Wow, this guy is deep.

    Second time reading thoughts: BAHAHAHAHA

    Freakin brilliant.

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      hahaha thanks jennifer :). I have a soft spot for pun and double entendre. So thought I should put it into a good use! lol

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        Definitely. And from now on I will pay more attention to my bus drivers and await the day that they give me such sage advice.

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    LOVED your post! 😀 You’re such a fantabulous writer!

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      Thanks Caterina for such a lovely comment. Glad you liked it 🙂

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    Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine!

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