Seven Habits of a University Student

Being a fourth year student definitely has its advantages.  I know which lecture theatres require you to wear a jumper in the middle of summer.  I know the cheapest places to print assignments.  Most importantly, I know what time to get to Subway so you’ll avoid the huge line.  So, what shall I do with all of this useful information?

Sometimes you can get so caught up in studying, that you forget about all the other little things you’re learning without realising.  This small piece of wisdom dawned on me as I was speaking with some first year design students during orientation week in February.  I began to remember all the mistakes I made in my first year, in comparison to the ease at which I can move around campus now.  So here’s a list of my little habits, which allowed me to gracefully recover from the embarrassing moments I endured during my first year.

  1. Don’t arrive late to a lecture in B117–the desks are strange, and you’ll cause a scene trying to squeeze through.  This also applies to room C404 and C405, and most of the lecture rooms in O-Block which are all on the Gardens Point Campus.
  2. Don’t leave early in a lecture unless you’re 100% sure you can open the door – most big lecture rooms are fitted with these big fancy fire-rated doors and handles.  Don’t let the first time you open one be when 300 people are staring at your back, glaring at you for leaving early anyway.
  3. Don’t wear a dress and/or white clothes to university on a day it’s going to rain – Brisbane is not a city designed to cope with the rain.  I can be pretty clumsy, and I’m almost guaranteed to slip on the tiles on main drive, which feel like ice every single time in rains.
  4. Don’t listen to your iPod in the computer labs, without first checking they’re plugged in properly – I certainly didn’t plan on everyone in the silent computer room knowing that soft ballads help me study.
  5. Don’t leave it to the last minute to learn how to use the binding machine – I mean, who can seriously use that thing properly anyway.  I hunted down a cute little printing shop in Spring Hill who will print and bind my assignment for me, and is also ridiculously cheap.
  6. Check you’ve put your report in the folder, before submitting to Assignment Minder – lack of sleep can do funny things to a person, and it’s a painful process having to resubmit for something so stupidly avoidable.  In the long run, it will only make everyone very confused.
  7. Don’t pick group members based on their good looks – this rule also applies to people who ‘look smart’.  Trust me, people only put effort in and wear nice clothes to uni until about week 7; it’s all downhill from there.

I wish I could assure you that I’m not as strange as I sound, but it would be a lie.  I think this is just the type of thing that happens when you spend so long in one place.  So, as this could potentially be my last year at QUT, I’ve got some exciting things lined up to make sure I make the most of it.

So stay tuned, 2011 is going to be a big one.

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    pfft four years… that is definitely not long. try being at uni for seven years (4 year undergrad, honours year + masters), then you’ve definitely been at uni for a long time. by the time you hit my stage, you don’t care for anything (who you work with in group projects, what you wear to uni, how early you get out of lectures, etc.) but to finish your degree. so embarassing moments as outlined in your blog post doesn’t matter unless you’re really conscious about peer pressure.

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    Love it! From my experience- so true!

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      Thanks Andrew. I’m glad you can relate!

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    Haha! this is really funny 🙂 but look im not going to lie, as a first year i read your seven tips maybe once or twice over but probs closer to 5 times hahaha… I should probs take notes aswell hahah..

    Really Funny and Helpfull Claire! Loved it.

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      Thanks Jacob, I’m glad you enjoyed it and found it helpful. I look forward to reading more of your blogs too!

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    Haha thanks Michael! Pretty sure I remember the lady your talking about from QPS. In my first year I sent a 50-page colour print to the machines in the library (all at once) not realising that doing such a thing would possibly crash the whole QUT system. She was not impressed and stuck a post-it note to my ID Card that said ‘only print one page at a time’ haha.

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    haha loved it. The problems with the binder and not being able to open the door when trying to leave the lecture early were the two points i could directly connect to.

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    YES CLOTHES. Why do people get so dressed up for uni? I literally chuck on whatever clean and comfortable – quickly making sure i don’t look like a baggy paper bag in the mirror i wash my face put some tinted moisturiser, deoderant – and i’m good. It’s not like i’m going to meet the queen at QUT. I’m there to get in, do the study, and get out….as quickly as possible since it takes 1hr and 20 mins to get home.

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    This site is awesome for procrastination. I think you should also add, don’t be late/away on the day that everyone picks groups for assessment. You will get stuck with the people that no-one else wants to be with and most likely they won’t show up anyway.


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