Tips on how to find a part-time job… and keep it!

I don’t know about you, but I think being a student is expensive. Sure we have our beautiful parents/guardians to feed, shelter and clean up after us (from time to time of course. We must be good sons and daughters once in a while!), but I’ve realised in the past 3 months that I’ve been at uni that for some reason, I “needed” many many things. I “needed” that new pair of jeans, I “needed” that bottle of vodka for that party and I “needed” to spend $21 on a rubbish movie in 3D.

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You know you are a QUT Gardens Point student, when…..

  1. you know how many colour lights you have to cross from Queen Street to Gardens Point.
  2. you know how long exactly it would take to change those colour lights to green for pedestrians.
  3. you wait for the free shuttle bus to the city, because you don’t want to walk.
  4. you know how many Maccers are nearby and the shortcuts to get to them.
  5. you know how many MX newspaper stands are there from Gardens Point to Queen street and where exactly they are. Read more

Survival Kit for those living/travelling away from their families and close friends!

Hey everyone, me again! Are you like me and live away from family and close friends who you adore and once thought you couldn’t spend a day without? I know how much it sucks. As you may or may not know, I made the move from Bundaberg earlier this year and am finding it particularly hard to settle in without my close family and friends standing by me, giving me advice and just being there in my life. I like many people make the trip home frequently (usually every 2 or 3 weekends, if I can stand that long!). So to help cope with the stress of being away from them, I have developed an almighty survival kit, that I believe will help, at least the slightest bit, for me and you! Even if you’re just going on a holiday and you think you’ll miss your close family and friends, I hope it helps! Feel free to add suggestions and additions to the kit 😀

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Change, the double entendre

So once a great man said to me, “Change can’t be given to your every time, you must bring Change”. You will soon find out who said that to me, but before that ask yourself – do you honestly like the simple premise of change?  As for me, no I don’t.

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Oh, Vienna

As a design student, I sit for hours every week in lectures hearing about the great buildings and cities of the world.  From Madrid to Tokyo, each time I scribble the name onto my ‘must see’ list and to be honest, it’s beginning to get quite extensive.  So in my attempt to fill the void of regret I have for not going on a semester exchange; I figured a short overseas adventure before I graduate was just the thing I needed to propel myself into the real world.

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Number two.

Well, there goes Easter.

Bummer. The good news is, though Christ has died 2011 times (and counting), He still comes back every year for supper with enough bread and wine to go around. And because He’s such a nice guy, bunny rabbits get really happy this time of year, and we all get to benefit from the chocolate eggs they lay. Feel free to correct me but I’m pretty sure that’s how the story goes.

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My First Teaching Prac

So I got an email the other day from the Registrar about rural/remote prac opportunities for education students, and I got to thinking about my experiences at around this time last year, when I flew to Airlie Beach and taught at a local state high for a month. I had the most incredible experience and fell in love with the area. The students were really great and when I left they gave me cards, notes, chocolates and even a bunch of oriental lilies on my last day. One student, a Year 9 boy, even gave me a packet of chips from his lunchbox! The school itself had a really casual vibe and I found the staff supportive and friendly, even when I sat all lunch hour grilling them about the upcoming changes to the history curriculum and their experiences with mixed-ability groups. Best of all, the Deputy Principal said she would try to get me back for my internship, with a view to permanent employment when I graduate!

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My first blog

I wish I would have written this blog earlier. After reading all the fantastic blogs with heaps of helpful tips/statements about university life I feel the pressure. First of all will people read my blog? Will people like my writing style? Do they understand my strange sense of humour? I could go on about this for a little longer.  

It’s like working on an assignment. You are constantly worried if the end product will satisfy the marker and in my case the reader.
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