2011 awaits, but I must bid farewell to 2010

First and foremost, thank you for all the support I have received for my blogs this year. While I could proceed with a Grammy/Academy Award type speech, I promise you I will not.

With only a handful of days left of the 2010 calendar left, I am so excited to see the end of this year. This has been a great year, but I believe 2011 awaits so much more.

  1. The Big Lift – http://studentblog.qut.edu.au/2010/10/18/a-qut-revolution-the-big-lift/. This project seems to be coming together nicely! We have gained support from many eager-beaver QUT students, who are willing to take a bus trip like no other! This will be a bus trip where everyone will be pressing the ‘Next Stop’ button together to achieve so much.
  2. Europe. This one speaks for itself.
  3. Turning 21! Despite already feeling like I am 25 or so, this will be one birthday I will be looking forward to. Celebrating in my historical homeland, with family I have only seen, and heard about on Skype and Facebook. Just think, Mediterranean Summer, crystal clear water, family, holiday, beaches, lots of amazing food! That sounds so much better than a Brisbane winter, the type where I routinely get sick in; the type I can never get comfortable in, nor can enjoy my day as I drift in between stuffy, and cold environments.
  4. Music Festivals! Starting the year off with Sunset Sounds, followed by Raggamuffin, maybe Good Vibrations, then of course Supafest! What’s the bet Drizzy Drake is coming? Man I hope so, because that will be well and truly off the chain!! But can I remind everyone not to buy tickets to this, as I hope Supafest doesn’t sell out, as I haven’t purchased my ticket yet.
  5. Graduating!! After four years, I will emerge into the token real-world with a wealth of knowledge, a strong understanding of ethical business practices, equitable management of human resources, plus a vast array of experience that will land me an amazing job, as either an Organisational Change Consultant, Cultural Resource Development Officer, Community Engagement Project Manager, or a Community Organisational Development Consultant. I’m really throwing job titles up in the air, and canvasing my ideas into a job title. But in any job I gain, I want the capacity to bring these elements into  my job. This will only enhance my passion in each of these fields. I know so many people graduating next year too, so there better be some awesome graduation parties next year!
  6. Travel. I am already planning a trip after graduation to Central America and northern-South America. Coronas and Tequila, Sunrises and Sunsets, the culture, the food, the wildlife, the people, and the thought of helping the less fortunate in Central America all excites me.

But in between now and then remain some important celebrations. Of course Christmas is one of those celebrations. This is the first Christmas since I was about ten years of age, where I am excited. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, I believe it is a great time to share your inner generosity, love, and positivity. I spent last night singing Carols to sick patients and the mentally ill at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. It was such an uplifting experience to see smiles and joy shining through on all the patients faces.

At the moment, while writing this blog. I am finalising the menu for my family’s Christmas party. I shall share that with you hopefully by Tuesday of next week. Expect Christmas with the fresh and fruitful tastes of Queensland.

Then there is New Year. Currently I have no idea as to what I am doing, but it better be good. What’s good in Brisbane for New Year? I think that’s my problem, I don’t want to plan anything myself, I want to crash someone else’s plans, or let’s say ‘socially collaborate.’

Well once more, thank you for your kindness and support to all of us bloggers this year. We really do appreciate it.

May you all have a blessed, and joyous holiday in preparation for a healthy, wealthy and wise New Year.

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    Congratulations Michael 🙂

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