So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu!

Ahh, The Sound of Music! So happy and gay, which is exactly how I am feeling, it’s almost as if there is a miniature production of the classic playing out inside me right now. Can you guess why? Because I PASSED! Uni is over! I am graduating! Oh, it’s so joyful I just want to dance from rooftop to rooftop and scream at the top of my lungs. What I actually did when I found out was burst into tears. Tears of sheer relief. Tears of accomplishment. Tears of cheer and merriment and….well, exhaustion really. The weight of the last three years of study has finally been lifted from my shoulders. I’ve done it. And now, hidden amongst the feelings of glee and elatedness is a tiny swirl of trepidation. 

Why? Because now it’s suddenly all so real. I will be a university graduate in a matter of weeks. Aside from the trip to SE Asia I have planned, it’s time to get serious. My career begins. Full time work again – I’ve forgotten what that feels like. Negotiating salary packages. It’s time to follow through with plans I’ve been conjuring up for what seems so long now – move to Sydney, get in with a multinational corporation, transfer to an overseas office, move up the ranks, start writing, maybe start my own business, so many things I’ve imagined doing and here I am on the cusp of beginning it all and it’s just so….. daunting. Whereas uni always seemed so safe. You know what’s coming up. Your study plan is pretty much mapped out from the beginning (bar any course changes), you are generally aware of what is expected of you to get through each unit, and so you just get on with it. And now, all that certainty has come to an end. I even have to end my youth allowance payments!

Looking back on my time as a uni student I am pretty happy with how it’s all panned out. Of course, there are a few things I wish I’d done differently. I’m not going to call them ‘regrets’, but if I had my time again I’d definitely take advantage of the following:

  • Get involved with more university competitions and study tours. There are so many available but initially I just didn’t take any notice. Case competitions generally have you competing against other universities in tackling simulations of real life issues and would have been excellent experience going into the industry I am looking at entering. Shucks.
  • On that note: International Exchange! Oh man, I was so close to going to France to study with one of my good friends, until I realised that I hadn’t planned far enough in advance and one of my remaining units was only offered second semester, so it would have pushed my degree completion out by an entire year. I get emails from that friend now, it’s like a small stabbing pain in the chest each time I read about what he’s up to. If you want to go on exchange, plan early!!
  • The study support that is offered. I really should have taken up the offer of Maths Refresher Classes, or the Pit Stop Maths Tutorials that the Business Faculty offers. The amount of time I have wasted trying to teach myself or remember how to do something, when I could have just asked a Student Learning Advisor, could have been channelled into something far more productive, and saved some heartache as well. Swallow your pride and ask for help, it’s there waiting.
  • Careers and employment have so much great advice and assistance to give. I definitely should have looked into the career mentor scheme. Or organised some work experience in a relative industry. To have some experience to draw on that relates to the area I’m trying to get into would be so comforting right about now. Hospitality experience = not quite as comforting.

I also would have gotten myself into a study routine from the very start, and not left everything to the last minute. But, hindsight is a beautiful thing. The upside is that I’ve learnt some lessons for future study ventures, and I can also pass on my lessons as words of advice to others – like you lovely readers of the Student Sharehouse blog.

So, here’s looking to the future. Whether you are just beginning your university career, or thinking about one, or exiting one like me, I wish you all the very best and hope that whatever you are about to begin ends in a pandemonium of elation like mine has. Even the daunting feelings of the unknown are kind of exciting in the great scheme of things.

In the words of The Sound of Music “adieu, adieu, to you and you and you”.

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    Wendy Ashcroft

    All the best Sam, It’s been great having you around to help out with our Workshops. You will be sadly missed, but you are going on to bigger and better things. It’s all out there waiting for you – Enjoy your new freedom.


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    Congratulations Sam!! Is it bad that when I saw you mentioned glee, I thought you were talking about the TV Show? I think I need a life 😛

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    A big congratulations to you, Sam. You’ve worked so hard! We will miss you terribly, but I just know you are going to be a tremendous success in whatever you do… And let me know when you make it big, so we can make you a course hero (and so I can say, “I knew her when…”!).

    P.S. How on earth were you going to fit in all those extra competitions and study tours, with everything else you’ve done and achieved!?!?! 😉

    Take care and enjoy life to its fullest! xx

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