Did you just say -20 degrees?

Hi everyone,
So it’s a lovely -5 degrees here in Edinburgh and I’m here relaxing in the warmth of an Internet cafe in the heart of the city. The last few days have been a bit of a trek and a half trying to get around as you may have seen on the news that the UK is having one of their earliest snow seasons in almost 20 years. Which means of course for travellers relying heavily on planes that they’re in for a bit of a struggle.

That kind of sums up the last few days for my travelling buddy Angela and I. We finished a tour on Sunday evening in Dublin and had another booked for the next morning at 8am so we rushed to the airport with only a 20min window only to find that our flight to Edinburgh had been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. Perfect. Ryanair decided to fly us to Liverpool about an hour and a half by train away from Edinburgh (under normal conditions) the next day, which sounded like the best option at the time. So our plans were looking like this…

6am – Wake up, pack, breakfast and shower.
7am – Arrive at Airport
9.30am – Depart for Newcastle
10.35am – Arrive at Newcastle, catch Metro to Central Station
10.58am – Arrive at Metro Central Station
11.15am – Train it to Edinburgh
12.45pm – Arrive in Edinburgh
12.55pm – Train it to Inverness
4pm – Arrive at Inverness
4.10pm – Depart on bus for Fort Augustus
5.15pm – Arrive at Fort Augustus, walk to hostel
5.30pm – Meet tour group and continue happily on tour

This is what it actually looked like…
6am – Wake up, pack, breakfast and shower.
7am – Arrive at Airport
9.30am – Flight Delayed, waiting for instructions
10.30am – Depart for Newcastle
11.30am – Arrive at Newcastle
11.50am – Metro delayed, reduced speed for all lines
12.50pm – Arrive at Central Station
1.00am – Tickets purchased for 1.20 departure
1.20pm – Train delayed
1.46pm – Train delayed
1.56pm – Train delayed
2.04pm – Train it to Edinburgh, reduced speed due to weather
5pm – Arrive at Edinburgh (1.5 hour trip turned to 3 hours yay, lovely scenery though!)
5.30pm – Booked accommodation in Edinburgh
6pm – Arrived at Hotel
6.10pm – Arrived in room

At this point we turned on the TV and the first thing I heard was

“. . . and this next story is for all the travellers out there. Temperatures are expected to drop to around -20 degrees later this week with lengthy delays and cancellations on many flights throughout the UK and some parts of Europe so make sure that you check departures times with your transport operators for updated information.”

As my exhaustion slowly took over my body I felt my eyes drift shut to the sound of the night’s extended weather forecast.

“Expected delays continue in Scotland as Edinburgh hits -5 with Heavy Snow and Freezing conditions….”

and that’s just my first day here in Scotland. If this is a European Autumn (as crazy early as the snow has hit) I can’t wait for a European Winter!

Have you got any tips, suggestions or maybe you’ve been on an exchange here? Hit me up in the comments below.

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    Layers, my friend, layers. I’m in London atm, myself, and it’s dayum cold. Am heading to Germany in just over a week, and the weather’s not predicted to go above -8 for the week I’m there… Being born and raised in Queensland, I think I may just die.

    If I can’t be found, I’ll likely be in the corner of the nearest hotel lobby, crunched up in a foetal position murmuring “Think warm thoughts, think warm thoughts, think warm thoughts….”

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