Eighty-Five Hours to Go

The highlight of my week was noticing the pantone markers in Ted Mosby’s living room.  Wow, how interesting is my life right now?  Endless episodes of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ as I’m drawing and trying to stay mentally sane during these final weeks of semester.  I can count the hours of sleep I get each night on one hand and with only four days to go until final design is due, I’m stressing out!  Don’t you ever wish you could skip to the end, so you could find out how out everything works out?

Every Sunday I always remind myself: “Don’t stress about the week ahead, this time next week it will be over.”  Of course by the following Sunday, there is always something else on my mind.  Today was different though: “Claire, don’t stress too much about that design assignment due Thursday, this time next week all your assessment will be over (that’s right, all over!).  As a reward, you’ll have four glorious months of holidays to stress about nothing at all.”

It’s oh so tempting to begin a ‘must do on holidays’ list.  Although I know once I start, I would get carried away.  There are just so many people to see, so many places to visit and so many things you can do on a four month holiday.

In the meantime however, my bedroom is covered in mountains of yellow trace and keeping me company on my late night study sessions is this tiny little spider which has made itself at home amongst the frames on my wall.  My trusty pantone markers (yes, the same ones as Ted Mosby) are scattered around, and a random can of blackboard paint is chilling next to my CD Player just for good measure.

I’ve got eighty-five hours until presentation, even less by the time you read this.

It’s going to be tough, but it’s worth it.

Wish me luck!

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    There is nothing at all wrong with endless episodes of how I met your mother.. If I had 4 months off I would probably spend it watching that show..

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