Eighty-Five Hours to Go

The highlight of my week was noticing the pantone markers in Ted Mosby’s living room.  Wow, how interesting is my life right now?  Endless episodes of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ as I’m drawing and trying to stay mentally sane during these final weeks of semester.  I can count the hours of sleep I get each night on one hand and with only four days to go until final design is due, I’m stressing out!  Don’t you ever wish you could skip to the end, so you could find out how out everything works out?

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Lessons from my friends.

The thing about starting something new is that there’s always a chance you might suck at it. And because I’m the type of person who tends to trip right over one disaster and into the next, sometimes I think it’s comforting to know that other people are struggling to get through as well. If it weren’t for the people around me in my first year of uni, and for the friends I’ve made in my first semester as an exchange student, I’m pretty sure I’d have given up a long time ago, and gone back to my hometown to teach English and die alone, in the style of Bridget Jones minus the Mark Darcy ending. So here are a few gems from seven of my fellow students who’ve taught me the best lessons, and saved me from having to learn things the hard way every time.

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Index Design Challenge 2010

Ahh group assignments.  Like a first date, everyone has had a bad experience.  In one of my units this semester ‘Collaborative Design’, its whole purpose was to understand and reflect on what working in a team is like.  I know… how thrilling, right?  Well, throw in a mix of design disciplines and an international design competition and I found myself in one my favourite subjects so far.

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A QUT Revolution – The Big Lift

Did you know that QUT is dumping the 391 inter-campus shuttle bus?

Did you know that the free city shuttle bus is no longer picking up QUT students?

Don’t be scared, because both statements are BIG FAT LIES. I just  need to hijack your attention for about 2 short, easy, seemingly unproductive minutes.

As always there is some exciting things happening at QUT, but this one would probably be right up, if not almost, at the top. A bunch of about seven eager advocates of positive change, or as some would call them, “QUT students” are planning on taking a crew of up to 40 like-minded students on a big trip around Queensland. We call this, ‘The Big Lift’

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Independent Student Review: Healthstream Gym, Kelvin Grove

So..this is the first in a new series of blogs where I’ll be reviewing various student services and activities around QUT.

Quick shout out to those who only read the first paragraph: I’m looking for someone to spot me! A workout partner. Someone to push me while working out, I’d push them back. 1 – 3 times a week. If you’re a member, epic. My schedule is flexible and I’m at uni every weekday. If you’re not a member, freakin sign up. Its only $15 a week for students ($12.50 a week if you’re a Student Ambassador/staff member!), and you get full access to all the boxing, bodypump, yogalates, bodystep, machines, group fitness classes, etc for free. Let me know if you’re up for it in the comments!

I’m thinking something like this:
Monday – some form of cardio
Tuesday – weights. Does anyone know how to use these?
Wednesday – cardio or group fitness class like Boxing/Bodypump
Thursday – weights. Again, how do I lift these? A benchpress? A deadlift? What is a dumb bell?
Friday – eh, you pick it
Saturday and Sunday: Yoga for the win

and eh, I’ll shout you a powerade or something for helping me get off my ass and actually enter the gym. I’ve been a member for three months and have worked out there a grand total of three times… O_o Read more

The Perks Of Being A Video Shop Girl

The massive buzz word at the moment is ‘work experience’.  Not just your average newspaper delivery work either, but proper industry-related experience to get your ‘foot in the door’ as they say.  Now, my casual job at a video store isn’t exactly ‘architecture-related’ but I’m certain it falls into the other equally important category: life experience.  Let’s face it, if there was ever a place which allows you to mix with the cross section of society, it is at a video store.

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It’s time for a whinge!

Last week I witnessed my frustration rise over the tiniest things. It was like I morphed into the world’s biggest whinger, or my mother! LOL! It’s these stupid little things that keep getting on my nerves. I think that my little week off on my study break (HA – lol!) has been the cause of this frustration. So here’s hoping this week will be ten times better as I get back into the swing of things. Let me begin: Read more

Rainy Day(s)

I woke up this morning to rain. I suppose it’s not all that shocking to Australians—over there it’s not uncommon to be sunbaking on the beach and find yourself drenched with rain five minutes later. But in Southern California, a rainy day is a freak event. Read more