Hi housemates! Sorry it’s been so long! I feel like i have been living an absolutely crazy life for the past 3 weeks. I’ve been playing in the band for a production of Jesus Christ Superstar put on by Harvest  Rain Theatre company at QPAC. We had shows every night for two weeks including twice a day on weekends.  I had an awesome time doing it and got to hang out with some amazing people, but I’m so glad it’s over now! I didn’t get home until about 11 every night, had no time to study and then straight after the season I went right into mid-semester exams….It was not pretty.

What makes it worse is that I’m one of those weird people that are mildly obsessed with getting 7s and so I tend to get quite stressed out about uni at times. And to my horror, I’m pretty sure that I failed my molecular biology exam last week. I really do feel terrible. Luckily though it was only worth 20% so hopefully I’ll be able to make up for it in the final.  But what I realized from all of this is that I really bit of more than I could chew….I had already missed a few days of uni because of Splendour, had uni everyday, worked, played soccer and then did this musical, as well as still seeing my friends when I had the chance.

I think the problem is, I’ve always felt a lot of pressure to be able to do as many things as possible, and to succeed at them all. The weird thing is, I am the only one who puts this pressure on myself. My parents, while obviously they would like me to do well at anything I do, honestly just want me to be happy and have never forced me into anything I didn’t want to do. So I have to ask myself, where does this expectation come from??

I have a lot of very high achieving friends and I think this has a lot to do with it because I feel like, ‘well if they can do it, then I should be able to too’.  But the thing is, as soon as you start comparing yourself with somebody else, you are doomed for failure, because while I firmly believe that all human beings are equal, I also believe that our talents and strengths vary immensely and what someone may lack in one area, they make up for in another.  So I’m trying super hard not to beat myself up about failing, but to make sure that I use this experience to learn and remember my limits. Just because some of my friends can do a million extracurricular activities, have an awesome social life and still get straight 7’s (maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but you get my point), it doesn’t mean that I can do that too. And that’s ok, because I can do other things, although I haven’t totally figured out what they all are yet, I know that I can.

So for all of you feeling the pressure of assessment right now, I feel your pain, and the best piece of advice I can give you is to just try your hardest, do the best that you possibly can, and that’s all that anyone can ever ask of you. 🙂

Just Do Your Best

I will always remember the day I got my OP.  I was in the middle of my Christmas holiday in Ireland, my first solo trip overseas and I was living with my Uncle and his family.  I remember because of the time difference, I wouldn’t be allowed to log onto the QTAC website until 10pm and therefore had to keep my mind off it all day.  I remember sneaking into the downstairs computer room a few hours early ‘just in case’.  I remember typing in my QTAC code and waiting anxiously while the website loaded.

And finally, there it was.

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