Self-bribery: working wonders with rewards

Sometimes, simply having an absolute mountain of work ahead of you is not quite enough to propel you into study mode; you need something a little more… enticing.

My previous blog gave a small insight into the kind of workload I have at the moment, but if you could actually see the list of tasks I’ve drawn up you’d think I was into self-harm for delaying action any longer. I’ve been both wondering if it’s even possible to cram this much study into the next few weeks and simultaneously searching for that one last thing I need to do before I crack on with it.

Well, I’ve found an answer to my procrastination problems and it’s called self-bribery. I’m sure everyone is aware that rewards work wonders for getting children to do as you ask of them, so I’ve reverted to treating myself as a child and planned a little reward – for myself, from myself – for getting through exam block with good enough grades to graduate. That reward is a trip to Southeast Asia. Yep, 5 weeks from 17th Jan to 23rd Feb trippin’ around Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar. What gives this reward a tinge of bribery is that it’s over the period of supplementary exams, so if I don’t do well the first time, I have to cancel the trip and then lose all the cash I’ve invested so far. I definitely don’t want to have to do that so it’s the perfect motivator. If I pass, I graduate, and if I graduate, I go. If not, I cry… and then get on with a whole lot more work.

So there you go, my reward to myself to spur action before it’s too late. I also like to give myself presents at Christmas time (to Sam, have a great xmas, from Sam) but that’s not really a reward, it’s more because I like lots of pretty things to unwrap on Christmas day. This trip is truly a reward. Not only for getting through my finals, but also for 3 years of hard work to get my degree – really only the beginning of a life of learning. I think everyone should be able to nourish themselves with a little self-gifting, if only to acknowledge to yourself what you have achieved. And it doesn’t have to be major – it could just be a day doing the things that you most enjoy without anyone bothering you about it. So if you have something in mind that might encourage you to put in that extra effort, go ahead and lock it in. Because the vibrant picture of Vietnam that now adorns my notice board is truly inspiring during study time.

PS. If anyone else wants to follow suit Air Asia have a pretty great sale on at the moment.

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    Sam… I am so with you on that. I’m planning my trip around the world for after graduation next year and let me tell you… if I don’t graduate… I might just cry as well. GOOD LUCK!

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      Thanks Kristina! I got some unexpectedly good results back yesterday so I feel kinda empowered to get through it all now. I’m sure you’ll be fine….but there is nothing worse than the thought of stuffing it all up at the last hurdle.

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