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A lot has been going on lately. It’s the busiest time of semester and things aren’t slowing down any time soon. Last night I saw my exam timetable and it sparked a small feeling of terror deep down inside. Basically, because seeing those four exams actually scheduled in for specific times made it all very real. And very scary. So it gave me the idea to document my feelings for the next 24 hours so I could share them with you guys, like a day inside my head.  Can’t promise it will be an exciting day inside my head, but it is my busiest day at uni, so here we go. Buckle up, it’s a long one!

We kick of our journey  Monday 13th September:

7:30pm – mmm, this salmon and salad I made for dinner is pretty delicious, I’m getting rather full though. My flat mate did just tell me that the exam timetable is up, maybe I’ll take a little break and check it out.

8:00pm – crap. Seeing those four last exams scheduled in is really intimidating. I mean, they are my last four exams. Or, if I look at it another way, they are four mammoth tests that stand between me, and a Business degree. The exams themselves aren’t mammoth, it’s the prep required to get through them that’s the daunting part. Which has just inspired me to draw up a schedule of everything I need to do between now and end of semester.

9:00pm – freaking out. SO. MUCH. WORK. Just thinking about it makes me tired. I need a cup of tea to calm my brain. How will I get to sleep tonight? How will I survive the next two months? So many things to ponder.

10:30pm – Tea really is good for the nerves I think. I feel calmer. Or maybe I’m just tired. Either way, I think it’s time for bed. Better make it a good sleep, doesn’t look like I’ll be getting much for a while, after confronting the bucket-load of work I have to do. I’ll think about that tomorrow, right now it’s sleep time.

Tuesday 14th September:

9:00am – Should I get up? I’ve been awake for a while but I really don’t want to get up, my bed is so cozy…and sheltered from the day ahead. I suppose I should bite the bullet, I have got a massive day ahead. This is my biggest day of the week, 8 hours of classes back-to-back. Time to get my game face on.

10:15am – just spent an hour in the kitchen. Breakfast smoothie and then preparing food for the day. 8 hours of classes requires lots of food. An hour’s preparation time worth. Now I’ve got an hour before I need to leave…. Think I’ll do a load of washing.

11:34am – where did that hour go? I’m running for the city cat, which is due to leave at 11:37. Things look bleak.

11:39am – made it. City cat was late. Wicked. Win for me.

12:00pm – first tutorial for the day – game theory. I just made a mess of the first assignment for this subject, so I need to chat to my lecturer about it – who also happens to be tutor. I’ll have a quick word to her at the end of the tut. I should really get cracking on the second assignment now, to avoid disaster two.

12:55pm – she was off like a rocket. Guess I’ll wait until the lecture this afternoon. Right now it’s time for my next class, International Finance tutorial.

1:25pm – not even half way through the tut and I’m SO lost. And hungry. My tummy is doing that funny feeling thing where you know it’s going to start rumbling any second. All my food is wrapped in plastic bags – to prevent leakage – so there’s no way I can get to it. Grrr.

1:40pm – REALLY HUNGRY. And we’ve finished the work damn it. Doing extra stuff now. I can’t even walk out because it feels so rude. But I am struggling to keep my tummy quiet when I know there are delicious snacks just beyond a few noisy, plastic bag barriers.

1:45pm – YES! We’re done. Food. Bring it.

2:35pm – Trying so hard to not fall asleep right now. I’m in my International Finance lecture and it’s this one I always get tired in. I think it’s the timing, 2-4pm. Sit myself in the front row so that I’m not tempted to rest my head on the little table. My lecturer keeps looking at me so I can’t even close my eyes for a micro-sleep. There’s another 1hr 25mins left of this….

3:15pm – that 10min mid-lecture break we just had really did me wonders. I feel revived. Ate some more food, maybe that did the trick. I really need to pay attention, but my mind constantly drifts to the overhanging fear in my mind – ‘how am I going to get through all this content?’ I think I need a coffee before the next lecture.

4:05pm – coffee in hand and ready for my Game Theory lecture. Feeling fine. A little tired, but coffee has that placebo effect where it doesn’t actually have to be the caffeine that hits my system to pick me up. It can merely be the wonderful aroma drifting toward my nostrils, or the warm, textured feel of the corrugated cardboard cup in my hand. Just knowing it’s there is a huge comfort. Like I said, placebo effect. By the way, Merlo do the best coffee at Gardens Point campus. I’ve done the research, so I can make that statement confidently.

4:20pm – Game Theory lecture well under way. Just noticing the lack of bodies in the lecture theatre. None of my friends are here today. I’m a lone ranger in this lecture. Now that I think of it, all my classes today have been decidedly empty. Guess that goes to show the pressure of this time of semester. Good to know I’m not the only one who’s feeling it.

5:15pm – lecture finished early, which means 45mins break before the next one. Great, I can continue scheduling my new study timetable. I figure I’ll need about 50 hours a week of study for the next 9 weeks. I wouldn’t need that much if I’d kept up with my study load, but guess what? I didn’t, so 50 hours it is and I’ll just have to suck it up. Oh, and I didn’t get to speak to my lecturer again because she bailed. I’ll have to visit her during consultation time.

6:05pm – ahh, last lecture for the day, Finance 2. The mid-semester exam was a killer for this unit, so I have to work doubly hard for the final. It happens to be my last exam too, on November 11 at 5:30pm. So you know what that means? Sore head on the 12th. Sore from a combination of information overload and the many whiskeys I’ll be consuming post-said exam. Hopefully of the celebratory nature, not the drown-your-sorrows kind.

6:15pm – this lecture is on mergers and acquisitions, which is an area I am really interested in, so I’ve tuned in nicely. And I’ve got friends for this lecture too, which is always pleasant.

7:10pm – craving chocolate. I write a note to my friend saying so and we have a chuckle. I think the lecturer thinks we were laughing at him. We weren’t. I’m sorry.

7:55pm – oh yeah! Lecture over. My friend and I had a chat to our lecturer on the way out and he made me feel a lot better about the paltry mark I got on the mid-semester exam. He’s a cool guy. I’m inspired to do well for the final.

8:05pm – walking home. Love walking at night, it’s a great time to think things through. Like right now, I’m thinking about how much renewed motivation I have. Lucky, because on that study timetable I made I’ve scheduled in an hour for when I get home. After a cup of tea and that chocolate I’ve been craving. And after I type up this blog.

11:40pm – going to bed. Have to work in the morning. Did manage to do a teensy bit of study, and hey, I’ve written this blog so that’s something right?

So there you go. A complete run down of what a day at uni is like for me. Now I better get to bed because guess what? I’ve got HEAPS of study scheduled for tomorrow. And the next day. And the next…..

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