Bridge To Brisbane 2010

What does it feel like to run 10km having done no training since doing the Gold Coast 10km? Some describe it as hell on earth, I like to think of it as a wake up call.

I’d never done the Bridge To Brisbane before so it was great to finally get out there and do it. I was a tad shocked when I read that the 1km mark was near the middle of the bridge. I definitely didn’t realize that the bridge was that long. Of course, that wasn’t the only wakeup call though.

When I was running I was trying to remember the preparation that I had been doing for this epic run and noticed that, in fact, I hadn’t done anything at all. I think I went on two short runs with a friend, but as they were a fair while ago I didn’t really count them. When you have to think about how much preparation you’ve done, you know you’re in trouble.

I was a tad frustrated with myself because I bought a gym membership about a month and a half ago and as of yet have barely used it. That’s money I could be using on my travels! Though, that’s another story all together. As of today I’m promising myself that I’ll go to the gym, or at least go for a run every day and eat healthier.

In the Bridge To Brisbane I told myself not to stop running no matter what happened and it meant I got a time of 1:01:25 which I’m really proud of, especially because of the no training part.

(I really hope that I listen to myself!)

Time to get my priorities straight and schedule all this new fitness stuff into my life! Though I have said that before….

How do you keep yourself motivated?

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