The Abstract Feeling of Being Lost

When you catch public transport as much as I do, particularly to the south side of Brisbane, there is one thing you learn very quickly.  This is that the 140 bus route does not stop at Garden City!  Seeing people suddenly freak out when they see the bus turning left onto Mains Road after the Griffith University Busway Station, is something I find extremely amusing.  You can see them yelling at themselves thinking, ‘where on earth is this bus taking me?’  I know this is a little mean, but mostly I am just relieved that for once, the person on the wrong bus isn’t me

I have had more than a few incidents where I have accidently been caught on the wrong bus route.  The latest happened last week when I had to travel from Roma St to QUT Kelvin Grove (a typical 3 minute bus journey) and I mistakenly thought to myself: “Of course all 300 buses travel along the Inner Northern Busway”.  Let me tell you now, the 345 does not.

After freaking out and yelling at myself in my head, as it suddenly dawned on me that I had no idea where this bus was going: I hopped off at the first available stop (which was about 500m from where I needed to be) and walked back.  As further punishment to myself I had to walk up the huge hill along Musk Avenue – in a hurry because now I was running late!

Oh how I love Gardens Point campus and its level topography.

Although these random trips on incorrect buses can be quite the spontaneous adventure – it’s no fun when you are in a hurry… like on the way to an exam or presentation.

Next time, I’ll just stick with the free intercampus shuttle bus.

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    I know what its like to catch the wrong bus. When i 1st started high school i kept getting lost on the bus routes. It was actually really funny, because i now know i only have to catch one bus to school, not 3 !

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    hahaha! i still remember when i made that 345 mistake!! i was freaking out so bad! and i love how it just skips the bus stop that is right opposite uni and only stops at the one at the top of the hill further up the road…..good times lol

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      hahaha I know! My heart just sank as it whizzed past that first bus stop.. I will never make the 345 mistake again.

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