Happy Park(ing) Day

I don’t know if this will work. I’m not the most technology literate person, this is where blogger Luke should step in and help me out!! So I am writing this  blog on the premise the there is a link below that works.

Today is Park(ing) Day! Happy Park(ing) Day y’all!! No it doesn’t mean you get a nice wrapped present. It means, we as people can provide a gift to society. The gift of green, publically accessible green space. This is such a great cause, and a brilliant, innovative way of getting more and more people outdoors, away from the iHome, and iWork that we have become our systematic lives. QUEUE VIDEO.

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A day as Sam

A lot has been going on lately. It’s the busiest time of semester and things aren’t slowing down any time soon. Last night I saw my exam timetable and it sparked a small feeling of terror deep down inside. Basically, because seeing those four exams actually scheduled in for specific times made it all very real. And very scary. So it gave me the idea to document my feelings for the next 24 hours so I could share them with you guys, like a day inside my head.  Can’t promise it will be an exciting day inside my head, but it is my busiest day at uni, so here we go. Buckle up, it’s a long one! Read more

A Lesson in Procrastination

Three years into a design degree and I can count the number of exams I have done on one hand.  In fact, the last exam I remember studying for was in my very first semester.  Alas, I couldn’t continue this way forever and my Architectural Technology exam is on Thursday (one of two for this subject).  As I began to review my lecture notes, it suddenly occurred to me that I had forgotten how to study for an exam.  So I did what any other normal person would do.  I asked my 14-year-old brother.

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Getting back to my roots

About three months ago I was approached by my old school to return and inspire, maybe even motivate the grade 12 student body in making an informed life decision post grade twelve. I really appreciated the invitation, and couldn’t say no to a return to Glenala State High School.

After hanging up that very phone call, I began to think about what I have done that could inspire a group of grade twelve students… The thoughts started to roll on in.

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The Abstract Feeling of Being Lost

When you catch public transport as much as I do, particularly to the south side of Brisbane, there is one thing you learn very quickly.  This is that the 140 bus route does not stop at Garden City!  Seeing people suddenly freak out when they see the bus turning left onto Mains Road after the Griffith University Busway Station, is something I find extremely amusing.  You can see them yelling at themselves thinking, ‘where on earth is this bus taking me?’  I know this is a little mean, but mostly I am just relieved that for once, the person on the wrong bus isn’t me

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