“No it’s not!!!”

I am trying to convince myself it is not week six – which is pretty much half of this semester already gone!!

“How is your sanity going, Michael”

I continually ask myself that question. At the same time, I don’t realise that I’m actually answering it too.

I’m only doing three units this semester, which is still full-time, but I think I have too much time on my hands. I’m the kind of person that works well under pressure. I thrive under time constraints. But I’ve got some interesting research going on this semester. Wanna take a look?

I’m currently finalising my research on surveillance impacts on young people in public space. I’m examining this relationship and whether or not it is driving young people into unsafe places, in attempt to escape from being criminalised in public space. Do you think that there is a relationship? Do you feel targeted in public space? Much of my research tends to point towards YES, and the lack of public space for young people isn’t really helping the issue. I’ve also been researching police and young people relationships also, trying to get an understanding of this uber-complex relationship. BTW, assignment is due on Friday… completed last week ūüėČ

It has been really interesting. This is all in my elective Youth Crime and Justice. The School of Justice has a great facilities as well. All of our lectures are online, which can be viewed either live, or in our own spare time. It’s almost like an msn style portal where students contribute to the lecture. If you prefer though, you can rock up to uni and sit in the lecture as well.

Then there is Corporate Communication. This is one of my final Public Relations units, and I have my concerns with this one, it’s too complicated… I’ve even updated my facey¬†with the good ol’ “IT’S TOO HARD” whinge. But I had a turning point and have made some massive ground on this assignment, I think. The assignment is about an organisation called Cougar Energy, and a current issues of alleged water contamination. I’m looking at the issue and how it has impacted stakeholder relations etc. It’s quite professional, except the theory part seems too simple… and that’s probably the bit I’m struggling with. Assignment status: incomplete, due on Friday.

Finally, there is Public Relations Planning, which is all about executing the best plan for a client’s objectives rah rah¬†rah. This is quite boring material so I won’t elaborate on the assignment. BUT! We have an amazing client, YoungCare, who QUT¬†students are actively helping with in their plans to construct another care facility for young people needing 24 hour care. This is going to be a challenge, because apparently only 3% of people in Sydney actually know about YoungCare. While the subject maybe a bit dry, the assignment certainly isn’t. So I’ll let you know how this one goes. But in the mean time, feel free to spread the YoungCare¬†word to those Sydney friends and rellies. To find out more visit www.youngcare.com.au

This week is going to be heaps busy trying to complete these assignments, and still trying to be human at the same time. But I just wanted to let you know that I’m still kicking.

In other news, I would like to express my public condolences to the family of Brenda Jean Duncan. Brenda was a ¬†graduate of my old high school, I was her school captain. Unfortunately on Sunday night, she lost her battle with¬†Leukaemia. Brenda put up a strong fight, and refused to give in. However, her next life chapter was calling, and Brenda is now in a peaceful place, free from pain and suffering. Brenda, the impact you have left on your peers, and your families is nothing short of amazing. Brenda you were¬†bright, beautiful, and undoubtedly a brave person who¬†was taken away from the hearts and minds that adored, and aspired to be just like you. Your presence will not leave, because your legacy will grow. The awareness you have created for other young people suffering cancer,¬†the faith you have reignited for people in search of a cure, and the acceptance that a beautiful life can be taken away so young, and so quickly are just some of the things you have left behind that will go on forever. We’ll miss you Brenda xx

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    Michael you almost made me cry again. So sad. xx.

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      It is quite sad Gracie, but life provides many challenges, and for Brenda’s family this is just one of those challenges. ūüôĀ

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    I’m in the same position as you Michael… only 3 subjects this semester and suddenly feel like I have too much time on my hands! I can’t believe the huge difference between 3 and 4 subjects! I’m sure I will be wishing all this time back by Week 12.

    Sorry about your friend Brenda, and good luck with the rest of your assessment.

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      HAHA so right there Claire… its a humongous difference, that you really wouldn’t believe hey. I’ve got three subjects each semester here on in, I think. lol

      Thanks for your support. ūüėČ

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    Great post Michael

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      cheers Tony

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    Week 10 – WHAAAAA? How, Why?

    I’m sorry to hear of your friend’s passing. It is so difficult to fathom a young person dying from such painful diseases that sadly we associate with people much older. We all get burnt, but we have to call it a lesson learned.

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    Nicely written Mike!

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