Why waste your vote on a blank piece of paper?

Are you a first time voter or maybe just someone looking for help on who to vote for? This post is for you, I’ll outline the best strategy for voting this Saturday and explain why blank ballots send a message to no one.

Why am I writing this post?
Basically, I’m sick and tired of people telling me that they’re going to put in a blank ballot this election to “send a message to the major parties”. I’m also tired of people telling me that my voting strategy is a waste of my vote.

What is my voting strategy?
I think it’s quite simple, I’m voting for a minor party first in the House of Representatives (your local member goes here) and a major party second. That way I can give some power to a group that I believe in while still impacting which party will ultimately lead.

Who I’m voting for?
House of Representatives: The Greens
The Senate: Australian Sex Party

Isn’t a vote for The Greens a vote for Labor?
I get told this very, very often when I say that I’m voting for The Greens. My point is that if everyone thinks that, then nothing will change. Look into history and you’ll see that real change started with real people standing up and being counted. If we all vote for the party who we actually agree with then we can start giving the minor parties a say. Hopefully soon, a vote for The Greens will be a vote for The Greens. Isn’t the basis of democracy having a choice?

Did I read before that you’re voting for the Australian Sex Party? Why exactly?
Yes. Well, I watched this clip on Sunrise and it really opened my eyes to their policies and made them a real contender in my eyes. Is it just me or did Wendy from Family First look like she was gonna jump through the screen and murder you… Scary stuff….

If you’re considering putting in a blank ballot this election then consider this… The major parties don’t care if you put a blank ballot in the ballot box. They honestly don’t. The best way to show them that you want change and real options is to give some power to a minor party. That will really scare them.

If you agree, why not make this your profile picture and show the world who you support;

Greens Profile Picture

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    Luke! this is great! for someone who really doesn’t know much about politics i found this really informative yet still so easy to understand. I will be voting for the greens and the australian sex party this saturday.

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    A great explanation Luke. It’s worth noting too that in the House of Reps a vote for the Greens doesn’t have to be a vote for Labor – all they can do is recommend how to vote, in the end it’s up to you. But I entirely agree. The more people who vote for the Greens, the more the two major parties will sit up and realise that by focusing all their attention on being as similar as humanly possible, they’re losing votes to the more progressive parties.

    The more people that vote for the Greens, the more likely Labor (or whoever is in power come Sunday) will actually introduce some half-decent policies.

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    Sorry Luke but there’s one thing everyone can be certain of in this election and that is that neither of the major parties are telling the truth. I too hope that a vote for the Greens will be a vote for the Greens, but you’ve not put forward a sound argument as to why a vote for the Greens will not be a vote for Labor, so I remain unconvinced.

    If I submit a blank ballot paper it is not a wasted vote, as I honestly see no party worth voting for. A wasted vote, is voting for a party that represents something other than what you believe is best for society.

    A blank ballot paper is only a wasted vote if you are a political party, as blank ballot papers are votes that could-have-been.

    Your argument that the “major parties don’t care if you put a blank ballot in the ballot box… They honestly don’t” is again weak, and unsubstantiated.

    So in summary you’ve not put forward a compelling reason why NOT to vote for nobody. And because in this election there’s nobody worth voting for, my only alternative is to express my sentiment with a blank ballot paper.

    May the better snake win on the day.


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    Hey Luke. I’m with Helen on this one. Thanks for the advice… I’ll be voting Greens too 🙂

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    A vote for the sex party is a wasted vote especially in the Senate. Vote for Assange or the Greens. At least these 2 have a realistic chance of getting in.

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