Splen – oh – ten

My favourite splendour memories of 2010……


Trying to figure out how to fit four girls, a mountain of doonas, jumpers and sleeping bags and enough food to feed a small country into my car.

Printing off google maps’ directions to woodfordia 5 minutes before we left.

Meeting up with my uni friends Joe and Will in Woodford and forming the greatest five-car convoy ever seen in Australian history.

Meeting our fellow campers Kate, Jack, Kane, Sarah, Nick H, Nick S, Yolande and Tom, who turned out to be some of the coolest and most amazing people I have ever met.

Three awesome girlies single handedly putting up our tent.

Watching the guys put up the infamous tarp.

The excitement of entering the festival grounds for the first time on Thursday night. Sharing a bottle of bubbly with kate, Joe and Jack at the Mo’Rockin Wine tent and dancing with Will to insanely awesome 80’s tunes.

Drooling at Dan Sultan and reliving the good ol’ bubble bath days at the foam party with Nick and Abbey.

Getting’ jiggy wit dit in the mud at Hot Chip with Abbey.

Chilling out on the hill listening to Grizzly Bear and majorly judging Ash for going to see the Scissor Sisters instead.

The moment of relief when you turned on the shower and hot water came out! and using the boys showers with Abbey because the girl’s line was too long.

Cooking pancakes for everyone with the gas cooker that my mum bought for $2 at a flea market and that my dad fixed up.

Starting my Saturday morning with Jonathan Boulet and Band of Skulls. Falling in love at Two Door Cinema Club and then tripping head over heals with Magic Numbers, losing my phone AND my friends for half an hour during Florence and the Machine (aka FloMo…for all the cool kids) and then rocking out to the Strokes.

Watching Kane cry happy tears uncontrollably.

Jake and Andre hanging out at our campsite as if it were their own (I’m so glad they did, they are awesome!) and then Jake giving everyone free Splendour hair cuts.

Massively pointless yet insanely hilarious chats around the campsite including the merits of forming a new French political party “No Sh*t Sherlock”, the possibilities of lucid dreaming and trying to abbreviate the names of every single band, the best one would definitely have to be “Bro So Sce” (Broken Social Scene).

Finally getting to see Frightened Rabbit perform live, lying in the sun listening to cloud control, dancing to Last Dinosaurs, catching the beginning of Bro So Sce before my mind exploding at Jonsi, Kate Nash’s feminist rages, hoedown-ing at Mumford and Sons and then ending the night with the Pixies.

Staying up until 3.30 on the last night chatting and then having to get up in the freezing cold at 6am!

Sing-along-fun-times to girl talk and the yacht club DJs while waiting in the car for four and a half hours to leave the camp ground!



Dream of next year’s splendour.

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    Sounds (and looks) amazing Helen!

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    oops, i didn’t mean to “like” my own post! gosh i suck at computers.

    luke it was the best weekend ever! you better be coming next year! 🙂

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