Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Review

I’m not sure how much of a lasting impact Scott Pilgrim vs. The World will have on me but for the 90 or so minutes watching it in the cinema I was captivated, along with the entire audience surrounding me.

What is Scott Pilgrim vs. The World?
Well, to use a very, very generic description…. Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) meets his dream girl Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). However, Scott learns that he must battle Ramona’s seven evil exes, in order to date her.

That description doesn’t really do the film justice as the concept of the film seems to be a character in itself. Modelled on the video gaming experience from the early nineties the film has a very distinctive look that I loved.

What do you mean seven evil exes?
Unfortunately something that Scott didn’t realise when he fell for Ramona was that in order to get to her he had to defeat the league of evil exes. I know it sounds a bit lame at first but once the first fight scene gets under way the comic book origins seem very welcome as they make every scene even more dramatic and interesting.

When did I get to see it?
I’ve been lucky enough to score free movie tickets pretty regularly so I headed along with my friend Tom to see it at the Myer Centre on Monday night (9 Aug).

What was it like attending a preview screening?
Usually they aren’t too different from a normal screening but Universal Studios really went all out with this one, taking phones and iPods away, checking bags and having a comedian (with moderate ability) open the showing. All in all a pretty cool experience.

Is it true that vegans are evil?
Apparently yes (I have been fearing this for a while now), though I did learn that they’re also psychic. Who would have known? Not me if I’d missed this movie. Phewph, thank goodness Hollywood helped open my eyes to the world of evil, psychic vegans.

Would I recommend it?
Definitely, I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling the whole way through. I wouldn’t think twice about seeing it again.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World opens today at the movies.

Have you seen it yet? Comment below and tell me what you thought.

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    this movie sounds cool Luke. If only I wasn’t sick as a dog and could watch it =(

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      Damn! Get better soon! At least it’s now and not during exams. 🙂

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