Your Only Fear Is Possibility

And today was a day just like any other…. except I went speed dating.

For those unfamiliar with the term, this is sometimes referred to as the single person’s desperate attempt to meet new people.  I suppose in theory, this should work quite well, right?  Fill out a questionnaire, introduce yourself, swap stories and if you’re both looking for the same thing you can run off into the sunset together.  This week though, it was used as our lecturers’ attempt of an icebreaker amongst peers in our week 2 class.  Awkward isn’t the right word, but it’s the first that comes to mind.

After brief two minute ‘dates’ with people from all different disciplines (Architecture / Interior Design / Industrial Design / Landscape Architecture) we were able to choose our group members for the duration of the semester.  Honestly, the most painful part of the whole exercise for me was filling out the questionnaire.  Questions like ‘What inspires you…?’ or ‘Who is your role model…?’ I can’t help but think about the best way to answer the question without leaving me look like the most boring person in the world.  Inevitably, I end up running out time, left with a blank sheet of paper and nothing to talk about.

It’s a vicious cycle really; too anxious to commit to something yet if you don’t do anything: you’ll get nothing.  This loosely reminds me of the wise words someone said to me towards the end of Year 12: “Your only fear is possibility”.  Since then I’ve realised that it’s actually from a Pete Murray song, but it’s also completely true.

So I’m channeling my former seventeen-year-old self and I’m determined to stay optimistic this semester.  Too much thinking is never good for anyone, and with 18 months until graduation I have no time to waste.  Worrying about the right answer on a speed date is as pointless as trying to avoid these lame icebreakers in the first place.  Although, it is a little bit nice knowing that when I walk into my class of 50 students on Monday, I’ll know a quirky fact about at least half of them.

For the record, what inspires me? Maps. Hand drawn maps, computer generated maps, contour maps, satellite images, analysis maps, maps converted to lino prints… I just love maps!

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