Excuses, Excuses

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii there!

My dad always says ‘Don’t find excuses, find solutions.’ And in the spirit of ignoring my father’s advice, which has motivated for the majority of my life, here are a bunch of excuses (excellent excuses) for why I haven’t blogged in the last two months:

  1. EXCHANGE!!! Yep, in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS I’ll be LIVING IN AMERICA. And going to uni, and getting credit toward my degree while having the time of my life in California! If it sounds like I might be a tiny bit excited, it’s because I am. If it sounds like I’m getting a little insane about it, that’s probably a pretty accurate assessment as well. It’s officially TWO WEEKS until I get on a plane to San Diego. I’m quietly terrified, but have nonetheless spent the last two months flying to Sydney for my visa interview, Newcastle to say goodbye to my best friend, and just generally running around trying not to freak out. There is so much to do. So. Much. More about that later.
  2. TINA FEY AND WILL ARNETT. Easily the two most hilarious people on TV and/or in existence. In the last two months I’ve watched every episode of every season of 30 Rock and Arrested Development, which are both criminally short. How is it possible that there are only 3 seasons of Arrested Development, and 6 of The Nanny, also known as the worst and most annoying show ever created?
  3. THE ELECTION. If there’s a more hilarious and simple activity than making fun of Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard’s faces, ears, voices, policies and general inability to act like normal humans, then I want to hear about it. You don’t need a high IQ or even much of a sense of humour to get in on this. Hop to it, people.
  4. SPLENDOUR ENVY. For all of you lucky things that made it to Woodford this year and got to experience the amazingness of it all, I’m insanely jealous. Living half an hour from Byron, where Splendour is usually held used to make it easy—local tickets were easy to get a hold of and there was no need to spend three days knee-deep in mud. But still.
  5. BLISS!  My best friend whose paintings are hanging in Japanese art galleries, who drinks pink passion pop as if it’s Moet and Chandon and who I miss so much since she moved all the way to Newcastle. I spent a week down in freezing NSW last month with her and spent the following two weeks wishing I could go back. It’s always worth keeping in touch with your best friends after high school. Even if the rest of your grade are drivelling imbeciles.

The next time you’ll hear from me I’ll probably be in the USA munching on a greasy plate of French fries the size of a hubcap, so stay tuned.  Obesity awaits. There might even be some pictures of LA and San Diego, if I can work out how to actually use my new camera.

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    How can you not love that show??

    I really like this blog though 🙂 Haha ‘in the spirit of ignoring my dad’s advice’. That should be engraved somewhere.

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